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The sun had disappeared behind the moon and only a hollow sun was seen until the sun completely blotted out. There was then extreme chill and darkness everywhere.

Language Change: from Old English to Modern English.

It seemed to be the end of the world. This horrified the viewers. Soon, however, the eclipse was over and the sun repapered again filling the world with life and cooler. This observation gave the people a feeling that all the colours and beauty of the earth is owing to the sun. Without the existence of the sun, there would be no colour, no activity and no life on the earth. What is the message of the essay, The Eclipse? It is a beautiful descriptive easy written by world famous writer, Virginia Woolf. The message of the essay is quite simple and straightforward.

The sun is the pivot of the solar system. Without the existence of the sun, all the colours of the world vanish and the world looks like a withered leaf. The world is dead without the sun. This is proved buy the people of England who are going to Yorkshire, in the foot of a hill, to see the solar eclipse that would be of twenty four seconds only. There was great thrill and excitement over England.

Everybody was up that night and the people were travelling to the North. They had reached the Euston railway station from there they would reach their final destination. At last they reached the appointed place by the morning. Their appearance was not good. They waited impatiently for the rise of the sun. The sky was cloudy. This created suspense among them. At last , the sun rose , it threw its golden rays on the earth. A game of hide and seek began between the sun the clouds.

Before the eclipse the world was looking very beautiful. The colors of the world were visible. Now the sacred twenty four seconds began. The sun started disappearing behind the moon; only a hollow sun was looking. All the faces lost pleasures. The colors of the world disappeared. Darkness prevailed everywhere. The cold grew. The life lost its meaning. The world looked like a dead d leaf. But then the sun regained its brightness and world was again full of colors and vigor.

How specific is the writer about what she expected to see? Does she suggest these expectations without stating them? H Lawrence is a famous English poet, novelist and critic.

He is known for his love for nature. He was also a great moralist. The essay is a vivid description of the change from winter to spring. The writer describes first the cold and dull winter. Winter is a dull season as it kills the beauty of nature. It is the season of death and destruction and is also the season of inactivity. Everything turns yellow and brown in the harsh winter. The birds start dying in this season.

It stops the whistling of birds. Death rules everywhere. The transformation from winter into spring had hardly started to occur. The birds were also responding to this change instinctively. They had stated singing and their songs were itself giving a message of the approach of the spring.. Although the torn remains of the birds could be seen scattered everywhere yet the whistling birds had forgotten the past and they were inclined only to herald spring season which was now setting in.

The death is unable to stop the onrush of life as winter was unable to stop the onrush of spring. The writer is of the view that this change is a natural phenomenon and it is beyond our control. We can neither prolong winter nor hold back the spring. In the presence of winter, spring is absent as in the presence of life death flees away. They cannot co-exist. The same is the case with human life. We are also either happy or sad but we cannot be happy and sad together. Lawrence very successfully describes the change of nature in this essay. Change of seasons is a phenomenon of nature.

Nature goes on completing it life cycle round the year. Winter and spring are totally incompatible to each other. When there is winter, there is no sign of the spring season and when there is spring, there is no sign of winter. This journey of nature is going on parallel but in the two directions. Winter gives forth spring and spring gives forth winter. This essay is highly symbolic one.

Winter symbolizes death and destruction whereas spring symbolizes life and merry making. Winter is the season of inactivity while spring is the season of activity. In the winter, the leaves, grass, trees withered away whereas in spring all the objects of nature renew themselves.

The objects of nature are at full bloom in the spring season although they were lashed badly by the harsh weather some months ago. When there is harsh weather I. They stop whistling and merry making. Their dead bodies are lying on the white snow as if they were eaten away by any wild beast. There is not even a single chirp on the side of the birds. Death is dancing everywhere. Death is ruling supreme. But suddenly warm winds start blowing from the sea. The weather starts changing.

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It is the arrival of the spring season. The trees give forth new leaves. The land is covered with green tide of grass. The birds start chirping. The whole area is filled with their songs and sounds. Now it is the rule of the life. The birds have totally forgotten their harsh past.

They are responding to the change of nature. They are singing, dancing, and merry making and are enjoying the happy season.


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We cannot be happy or sad at the same time. We are either happy or sad one. We cannot enjoy both the feelings at the same moment. Gloria Emerson.

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Wordsworth, W. Our website uses cookies so that we can deliver the best user experience possible. I shall be young again, young always, for I love youth. Enter your email. It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.

Gloria Emerson was a famous journalist. She worked as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times from to But besides being a journalist; she was the writer of the first water. It remained her strong desire throughout her life to do something extraordinary. She focuses on the view point that the youngsters should overcome come their shyness to go ahead with great deeds.

Now it has been proved scientifically that men and women are equal in all respects. The write was the least suitable person for the sky diving as she was weak physically. She was not bold enough to do it at all. She had bad back, uncertain ankles. In spite of all this, she was dominant by the idea of doing something bold and thrilling and she decided upon sky diving. The first U. S sports parachuting center was opened at Orange, Massachusetts seventy miles from Boston by an ex-marine Jacques Istle. He organized the first U.

S jumping team in The writer was taken to this center on a May morning. This was a sky diving training center. The writer put on her kit and boarded a Cessna plane with her companion who was also to jump. The writer companion jumped first. Then it was her turn. She was horrified. She was tied up to an automatic opening device. Her instructor took her through the doorway and ordered her to jump out. Her parachute opened at once and she found herself moving downwards to the earth with perfect ease and comfort.

There was complete silence, no noise of the plane. Now she was feeling very happy. She looked down and saw the colorful earth. Parachute became a toy in her hands. She was fascinated and she wanted to remain in the air for a long time. But she landed at a sandpit with a bump.

The same day she was taken to see James Gavin. Everybody was happy as well as surprised because she was the first lady who had jumped from the plane with the help of parachute. She was basically a journalist. But she wanted to do something extraordinary in her life. At last she decided to jump through a plane with the help of a parachute.


She joined a training center and got necessary training. After that she wore the kit and boarded Cessna plane with her companion who also was to jump with her. When the plane reached the height of 20, thousand feet, they were asked to jump. Her companion jumped first, but when her turn came she got nervous.

She clung to the iron rod of the pane. She wanted to go to the washroom. Her heart started throbbing rapidly. She wanted to remove the heavy kit. At last she jumped the plane. First she heard the loud noise of the plane and the fast moving w gusts of wind. Her nose and eyes were discharging water. She was totally terrified. But all of a sudden, her parachute opened with a jerk.

The noise of the plane and air vanished. The blue sky was looking very beautiful. There was utter peace and comfort. The earth looked beautiful and colorful to her. Now, she wanted to stay in the air for a long time. But she was getting nearer and nearer to her destination.

At last, she landed on a sandpit. At the same time she was taken to see James Gavin. Now everybody was happy and surprised at her bold act. It is proved that women are equal to men in all respects. Emerson was the least suitable person for a parachute jumping. But she did that and made every one surprise. She was a bold lady a courageous woman. No doubt that during all her venture, she could not focus on her feelings but over all she enjoyed it. How does Emerson maintain the focus on her feelings throughout the essay?

Do these feelings change? Michaito Ichimaru. In part 1, contributors outline broad issues concerning early modern prose, looking at rhetoric and pamphlet writing and asking how to classify nonfiction. Essays in part 2 discuss particular genres, such as sermons, martyrologies, autobiographies, and Quaker writings. Sheila T. Eskin Stephen M. Harkness Peter C.

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