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In this dissertation I apply a phenomenological critique to the question of the senses, and fault both the integrationist and differentiationist accounts for relying on key terms that are never adequately defined. This critique exposes the inherent dynamism underlying these terms, and forces us to consider perception as an action. The phenomenological account declares that perception is an active engagement between perceiver and perceived, and not an information-processing mechanism.

I develop this phenomenological idea in light of recent dynamical systems accounts of multisensory perceptual development. Drawing upon a psychobiological literature that has itself been heavily influenced by dynamical theory, I find that the traditional dualism of innate-vs-learned, a dualism that has stood prominently within both the integrationist and differentiationist accounts, is inadequate to capture the dynamism of developing systems.

This dynamicist reading strongly implicates the role of the active agent operative within an ever-changing environment as formative towards intersensory coherence. Vancouver: Costello MC. A stabile and balanced relationship that emerges at its own pace because of commonalities common ground, joint task is preferred to one that operates under a pretense of caring forced intimacy.

Phenomenological distance refers to one's experience of relation with others in the world that can be rhetorically constructed through the form of language employed in the content of messages in interpersonal exchanges e. Vancouver: Moroco LJ. It presents different interpretations of the question of "being," beginning with a numerical unity… more.

It presents different interpretations of the question of "being," beginning with a numerical unity and developing the idea beyond the mathematical. The West is presented as having prioritized the predicative interpretation over the judicative through Thomistic thought and subsequent thinkers. Heidegger and Gadamer are credited with opening up new vistas for the understanding of being that transcends metaphysics of subjectivity thus opening dialogue with other cultures, in particular, the Luo of Western Kenya in East Africa.

The approach begins with Nuptial Union which leads to nuptiality and bounces back to present nuptiality as the transcendental condition for the possibility not only of nuptial union but of all experience whatsoever. Play and Language of Gadamer thus become the means through which being comes to presentation in expressed-ness. Vancouver: Owino F. Council of Science Editors: Owino F.

Its aims are twofold, one historical the other theoretical. The first aim is to offer a more nuanced account of 'modern' views of subjectivity than that proposed by standard accounts.

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I argue that while Descartes plays an important role in this history, Descartes' role has, to a certain extent, been misunderstood. It makes little sense to talk about 'the modern subject' in the singular, and the schism between 'modern philosophy' and what comes after is often overstated. An adequate appraisal of the history of subjectivity demands examination not only of the influences that frame Descartes' view, but also of the developments that follow.

To this end, I argue that ancient scepticism plays a crucial dual role in the history of subjectivity: it not only initiates modern, subject-centric epistemology and its bifurcation into the two dominant schools that compose it - empiricism and rationalism, but it also leads to a thinning of human nature that culminates in the contemporary anti-humanist critiques of the subject that reportedly bring about its demise. As invariant aspects of human reality erode, subjects come to be viewed as progressively more malleable, and, hence, increasingly vulnerable to powers that mold or otherwise affect them.

When viewed in terms of the sceptical erosion of the subject, Sartre's qualified rejection of human nature radicalized a process that was already well underway during the 'enlightenment' and provided the last logical step on the road to Foucault's 'death of man' thesis. Thus, rather than viewing the history of subjectivity as a series of epistemological ruptures that, e. Second, although subjectivity supplies the general field of inquiry, my interest centers upon how views of subjectivity frame analysis of freedom and power, and how this triadic formation evolves into a contemporary problem.

As the philosophical subject becomes increasingly malleable, philosophical treatments of the relationship between power and freedom change. However, until invariance completely erodes in the sands of time, the 'post-modern' problem of agency does not arise. With Foucault we not only witness the complete erosion of invariant aspects of human reality, but also that with respect to subjectivity power is not merely repressive but also productive. While these insights prove crucial to understanding subject formation and various forms of oppression, it also leads to a problem. Vancouver: Eshleman M.

Council of Science Editors: Eshleman M. While feminist literary criticism commonly critiques textual representations… more. While feminist literary criticism commonly critiques textual representations of gender, works to establish women's traditions, and attends to issues of multiculturalism, scholarship embracing nontraditional approaches goes further as it challenges masculinist assumptions about the aims and methods of textual interpretation. Such work has helped to stretch the boundaries of what is considered legitimate critical practice as it endeavors to make criticism more applicable to the socio-material realm.

Each chapter locates the volume under discussion in terms of feminist encounters with specific critical discourses and traditions. Chapter One examines Alice Walker's In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose to demonstrate that Walker's use of a performative personal criticism drawing on traditions of oral narrative allows her to challenge injustices by simultaneously pointing to concrete specifics and to broader social trends. Chapter Two analyzes Susan Howe's My Emily Dickinson in terms of its engagement with lineage studies and new historicism.

As Howe introduces layers of texts that draw together networks of readers, writers, and cultural communities, she is able to recognize both problematic cultural forces and possibilities of change. In her creative analyses, DuPlessis brings critical work and lived experiences into contact with one another while promoting a model of knowledge rooted in communal processes. Finally, Chapter Four focuses on bell hooks's Yearning: race, gender, and cultural politics to argue that hooks draws on cultural studies traditions and revises postmodern practices in order to communicate complex ideas about gender and race in an accessible style.

Together, the volumes of Walker, Howe, DuPlessis, and hooks present a wide array of possibilities for experimental feminist literary criticism that is actively committed to social change. Vancouver: McMillan L. Lawler's theology of marriage. It begins with a brief overview of Lawler's life and theological… more. It begins with a brief overview of Lawler's life and theological influences.

Next, Lawler's sacramental theology and theology of marriage are analyzed in detail. Finally, the dissertation explores three issues raised by Lawler that have a particular significance for the contemporary church. These are cohabitation before marriage, divorce and remarriage, and the role of Christian faith for sacramental marriage. Following the description of Lawler's contribution regarding each of these three issues is an analysis and critique of his work.

Worgul , James P. Vancouver: Woodard R. Council of Science Editors: Woodard R. Our data show that… more. Vancouver: Ballance HI. NIS is an all-payer inpatient care database that contains hospital discharge data from a national sample of more than 1, hospitals. NIS datasets of , , and were utilized in this study.

Descriptive analysis was conducted to describe the patient- age, race, gender, payer status, patient location, and median household income , hospital- bed-size, geographic region, location, and teaching status and outcome-related variables LOS and total hospital charges. A multiple regression model was used to identify patient- and hospital-related predictors of LOS and total charges among hospitalizations for patients with RA.

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Further, a descriptive analysis was conducted to assess the trends in LOS, total charges, and principal procedures conducted in RA. Results: A total number of hospitalized RA cases were observed in , cases in and cases in The mean age was LOS as well as total charges showed an increasing trend from through Total knee replacement TKR and total hip replacement THR comprised of majority of the procedures conducted in all three years. Conclusion: Even though the number of hospitalizations for RA is decreasing, there is an increasing trend in the average LOS and total charges.

The increase in surgical procedures could be a contributing factor to the longer LOS and higher total charges. Successful interventions that take into account important RA-related patient- and hospital-related characteristics could result in improved health outcomes and substantial cost savings in this population. Smith , David Johnson. Vancouver: Parekh HH. The approach provides a critical framework in which… more. The approach provides a critical framework in which individual elements of the discourse can be examined as parts of an organic whole, working together to achieve coherent rhetorical functions.

Through examining the generic elements in contemporary papal discourse, this study finds that contemporary papal discourse consists of three distinct rhetorical genres: didactic document, homiletic speech, and papal visit. Although these genres differ from one another in stylistic elements and some substantive elements, they share the same functional foundation: the rhetorical genre of homily.

The genre of homily is recognized by its tripartite functions of proclaiming, teaching, and intriguing. Proclaiming is the manifestation of kerygma, seeking to convert non-believers; teaching is the function of dogma, directed to believers. The two contrasting and balancing aspects of kerygma and dogma generate tension, which in turn provides the third function of intriguing. Kerygma produces the rhetorical condition that Dale Sullivan calls "kairotic," under which the response of pistis belief is prompted instead of krisis judgment.

The teaching function of the homily form is epideictic in nature and requires the pre-existing community. The homily form combines the two seemingly exclusive functions, extending the effectiveness of the artistic proof of good reasons toward skeptical publics. The skeptical publics, who do not respond to the kerygma with pistis, may still acknowledge the reasonableness of dogma and consider further conversations worthy.

This strategic combination of kerygma and dogma is termed the rhetoric of kerygma. Through textual analyses, this study demonstrates that the rhetoric of kerygma is manifested both in the homily form and in the contemporary papal genres. The rhetoric of kerygma may find applications outside religious discourse because it may help students of rhetoric to understand how orators working from positions of grounded certainty engage publics rhetorically on matters of contingency, especially when the publics are skeptical of the certainty.

Troup , Richard H. Vancouver: Jung T. Council of Science Editors: Jung T. This motive, shown in the very first two measures… more. This motive, shown in the very first two measures of the piece in the piano part, is continually morphed throughout the entirety of the piece as a unifying characteristic. Melodic elements were also drawn from the notes of the very same motive. Shadowless is scored for chamber orchestra and has a duration of approximately fourteen minutes.

Vancouver: Groves S. Council of Science Editors: Groves S. To accomplish this, they use several different types… more. To accomplish this, they use several different types of proteins, including topoisomerase, structural maintenance of chromosome SMC -like proteins, and small DNA binding and bending proteins. In vivo, CspE has been shown to play a role in chromosome condensation and gene regulation. I have shown that CspE binds to ssDNA in vitro containing six continuous dT residues with high affinity, but will also bind to a lesser extent to other ssDNA templates.

The minimal length requirement for CspE binding to dT-stretches is eight nucleotides. CspE binding to dT-stretches in ssDNA is mainly resistant to high salt concentrations, implying that the interactions between CspE and ssDNA are non-ionic and are probably through hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interactions. Several mutations in cspE have been shown to genetically separate the gene regulation phenotypes from the DNA architecture phenotypes, indicating a direct role for CspE in DNA condensation. In vitro biochemical characterization of these mutants has aided in the establishment of a model for chromosome condensation by CspE.

Vancouver: Johnston D. Council of Science Editors: Johnston D.

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Based on the discontents with marketing expressed from within and outside of… more. Based on the discontents with marketing expressed from within and outside of the profession, a communicative turn builds on the advancements of the field through integration to re-vision marketing's theory and practice with greater attention to its role in the storied nature of human life.

A communicative turn attends to the interplay of marketing and the marketplace as constituted in and through communication. It assumes practices as necessary for implementing ideas while focusing on marketing as an increasingly influential aspect of how people connect, find a sense of belongingness, and story their life.

The recommended approach is, therefore, not another marketing process. Instead, this work presents a communicative philosophy of marketing grounded in three philosophical presuppositions: 1 Carey's understanding of communication as culture, 2 Ricoeur's belief that the search for concordance is an unavoidable aspect of all communicative life discourse and action , and 3 Schrag's theory of communicative praxis as one way to frame an approach to marketing that connects it to a wider heuristic understanding of the relationship between the communicative life of goods, the role of the marketer, and the communities of conversation to which marketing is directed.

Together, these philosophical presuppositions frame the background for a story-centered approach to marketing as an act of purposeful communicative engagement. Byron Nahser. Vancouver: Groom SA. Within U. Although MCC seems simply to point to a skill set consisting of knowledge, awareness and beliefs, embedded within it are a series of assumptions that remain widely unquestioned.

Because these assumptions involve how we define the project of psychotherapy and more importantly how we define the individual, culture, identity and difference, they are in need of examination. Each researcher interviewed three psychotherapists about the role of multiculturalism in their work. After completing individual analyses, the researchers exchanged their results and offered an analysis of the other's results and perspective.

In light of these responses, each researcher completed a revised analysis. An examination of participant interviews and the research collaboration demonstrated the ways individuals and groups are positioned in relation to one another through differences. The narratives of the participants and the researchers illustrated the effects of sorting and grouping people by categories of difference e.

The implications of these findings for multicultural efforts within U. Walsh , Constance Fischer , Leswin Laubscher. Vancouver: Hwang J. Council of Science Editors: Hwang J. Vancouver: Schenck D. Council of Science Editors: Schenck D. After angioplasty there is a possibility of… more. After angioplasty there is a possibility of restenosis reclosure of the artery and thrombosis blood clot formation. A stent, most commonly made of medical grade stainless steel L , is used to prevent the reclosure. While these devices are mostly successful, there are still problems that arise due to restenosis and thrombosis formation.

To prevent biomaterial failure due to neoinitima and thrombosis formation after the insertion of stents, I have developed a novel method of forming ordered, covalently bound self assembled monolayers SAMs on the oxide surface of stainless steel L to prevent the non-specific adhesion of cells. Self assembled monolayers of phosphonic acid and carboxylic acids with different terminal groups were successfully formed by a simple solution deposition method on the native oxide surface of stainless steel L. The films formed were analyzed by diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform DRIFT spectroscopy for alkyl chain ordering and tested for chemical and mechanical stability using sonication and adhesion tests.

The coverage and completeness of the film on the surface was determined by contact angle measurements and atomic force microscopy AFM. A live-dead assay and viability calculations after 24 hours provided data on non-specific cell adhesion to modified substrates. Cell experiments showed that fewer cells attach to methyl terminated SAMs when compared to the hydrophilic terminated SAMs. Anti-vinculin staining showed more focal adhesion points in cells on amine terminated SAMs than on methyl terminated ones providing further evidence that the methyl terminus does not support cell adhesion and spreading on stainless steel L modified surfaces.

Gawalt , Jeffrey Evanseck , H.

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Kingston , Jeffrey Madura. Vancouver: Raman A. Council of Science Editors: Raman A. Examining the commentary in… more. Examining the commentary in Rufinus' translation and in extant Greek fragments, this study demonstrates that the Holy Spirit is a crucial link between Origen's doctrine of God and his spiritual anthropology. Chapter II describes the commentary's general understanding of "spirit. Chapter III focuses on the Holy Spirit as God's movement into the world and into the lives of individual human beings, focusing on the role of the Holy Spirit in the economy of salvation.

Three images for the Spirit in the commentary, those of Teacher, Ring, and Cherub, illustrate the way in which the Spirit pervades Origen's thought and also the way in which Origen sees the Spirit working with the Father and the Son. Chapter IV examines the Spirit as reditus, the path by which human beings return to God.

Origen sees holiness as a genuine possibility for each person who freely chooses it, which necessarily involves taking part in the Spirit's own pedagogical role.

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. Also served as a training specialist for the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Adolescent female embodiment as a transformational experience in the lives of women: An empirical existential phenomenological investigation. Husserl, E. Directed by: Eva-Maria Simms, Ph. A phenomenological analysis of a series of spoken dreams in a psychotherapeutic context as a focus for a therapist's understanding of a client's structures of existence. Bureau of Labor Statistics U.

Chapter V considers ways in which Origen's pneumatology can enter into discussion with contemporary pneumatology. For Origen, the Holy Spirit, the ontological ground for every human spirit, creates a universal potentiality for holiness. This Spirit is the locus of both grace and freedom, the seat of individuality and the root of community.

Following in the footsteps of the Holy Spirit-Teacher, individual Christians must provide spiritual edification for one another and participate in the sacrament of teaching, bringing the presence of the Spirit into others' lives by speaking and living out the Gospel. Vancouver: Moser MB. The study provides insight into what school… more. The study provides insight into what school districts can do to make new teachers more successful and stay in the teaching profession.

Duquesne University Ph.D. School Psychology

Teachers that were surveyed included those who began their teaching career in the last five years. The study used all contract teachers hired between June and August of in 4 western Pennsylvania school districts. A survey entitled 'Beginning Teacher Induction Practices' was mailed to all teachers. Participants' perceived teacher assisted mentoring as more effective than assigned mentor or administration mentoring.

The researcher compared the perceptions of teachers who had seriously considered leaving the profession with teachers who had never seriously considered leaving the profession to gain insight into whether not the two groups' perceptions of new teacher induction activities and mentoring were significantly different. The researcher looked at perceptions of teachers from all three levels of teaching elementary, middle and high school and determined that there was a significant difference between elementary and high school teachers on the effectiveness of administrator assisted mentoring.

Based on the findings in this study, new teachers in the four participating school districts found some new teacher induction activities, assistance, support and mentoring to be effective. Vancouver: Coughenour J. Council of Science Editors: Coughenour J. Participants included 31 principals and first, third and fifth grade teachers from western Pennsylvania public schools who completed a self-reporting survey created based upon the researcher's review of literature on the topic of differentiated instruction.

Descriptive and inferential statistics were utilized to analyze the study's data to answer the six research questions pertaining to teachers' and principals' perceptions, comparisons between the two groups, and comparisons based upon grade level. Utilizing reliability analysis, survey results were combined within two dimensions: assessment and instruction. Statistical analysis was conducted on individual survey items and the two dimensions. Results indicated that participants perceived the use of differentiated instructional strategies as occurring at similar rates within the classrooms in this study.

Significant differences were not found between participants' perceptions. Additional information collected from two open-ended survey items indicated similarities in the types of specific differentiation activities described by participants and their professional development experiences related to differentiated instruction.

The study concluded that teachers' and principals' perceptions were similar in terms of the type and extent of differentiated instruction perceived to be occurring in the classrooms. Limitations regarding self-perceived notions of instruction compared to actual classroom observation data were noted, as well as future revisions to the study's survey instruments to more clearly define certain differentiated instructional activities listed within the survey. Higgins , Carol S. Parke , Elizabeth Gensante. Vancouver: Bradley J. Council of Science Editors: Bradley J. A modified version of the Teaching Styles… more.

A modified version of the Teaching Styles Inventory Grasha, was used to describe the relationship between each of the specified teaching styles in Grasha's Teaching Styles Model Grasha, Expert, Formal Authority, Personal Model, Facilitator, and Delegator and the overall teaching effectiveness as judged by students in counselor education content courses.

In addition, this study attempted to determine the relative contribution of each of the five teaching styles to the overall effectiveness of teaching a counselor education content course. The participants were 98 graduate student volunteers enrolled in pre-practicum counselor education courses at a private, midsized university in the Northeast region of the United States. Grasha's Teaching Styles Model was used as a framework to determine if there was a positive correlation between teaching styles and the students' perception of teaching effectiveness.

A Pearson correlation was used to investigate how the composite scores for each teaching style were related to the students' perception of teaching effectiveness. Multiple regression analysis was used to measure how the composite predictor of ranked teaching styles correlated with the students' perception of teaching effectiveness. Results indicated the Personal Model teaching style and the Facilitator teaching style showed a significant positive correlation with the students' perception of overall teaching effectiveness.

Thus, the Facilitator teaching style was ranked as the best predictor of teaching effectiveness. The implication of this finding is that counselor educators can increase the probability that students will perceive their teaching in content courses to be effective if they emphasize the Facilitator teaching style. Casile , David Delmonico , Gary Shank. Vancouver: Benedict MK. They have evolved many different strategies for… more.

They have evolved many different strategies for conforming readily available inorganic materials into complex function-specific biominerals with unusual chemical and mechanical properties at ambient temperatures and pressures.

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Find selected full text DU dissertations and theses published since July 1, on the ETD website. Browse available Note: Dissertations and theses denoted as restricted are not available. ETD (Electronic Department of Psychology. Find selected full text Duquesne University theses and dissertations published after July 1, Emergency Department Nursing Psychological Care (Early Crisis.

Advances in the understanding of biomineralization processes in a variety of organisms have revealed the critical control and design principles for the improved fabrication of synthetic materials with novel properties. Combining biomineralization processes, molecular modeling, structural biochemistry and synthetic chemistry we have developed two strategies for template mediated nanocluster formation.

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Our first strategy involved the creation of a three-dimensional scaffolding architecture to create a highly functionalized surface for the nucleation of calcium minerals. Calcium mineral precipitation has been widely studied due to its importance in industrial and biomineralization applications. Based on a structural motif commonly found in calcium biominerals, the antiparallel beta-pleated sheet, the rational design and development of a hollow tube peptide architecture was created. We have used this unique multipurpose scaffold, made up of cyclic peptides with alternating D- and L- amino acids which self-assemble into nanotubes whose surface is coated with periodic functional groups, as a template for the controlled nucleation of calcite.

Our second strategy involved the use of combinatorial chemistry and material informatics to explore the important design properties of peptides capable of stabilizing and encapsulating group II-VI semiconductor nanoclusters. The synthesis of monodisperse cadmium sulfide CdS nanocrystals is of interest due to their unique optical and electronic properties derived from their confined size. Whereas there have been many synthetic approaches for the synthesis of CdS nanoclusters, many plants and yeasts utilize short cysteine-rich matrix peptides phytochelatins to synthesize CdS biogenic nanocrystals as a method of cadmium detoxification.

In order to investigate what properties of the peptide are important for the controlled synthesis of CdS nanoclusters of a specific size, we have used combinatorial chemistry to create a spatially-addressable peptide library based on the cysteine-rich matrix peptides and applied a material informatics approach to analyze how the global and positional peptide properties influence the CdS nanocluster formation. Johnson, David W.

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Wright , Jeffry D. Vancouver: Spreitzer G. Council of Science Editors: Spreitzer G. Examining the intersections between history, trauma, and transformation through a complex theoretical framework that places feminism, cultural studies, critical race and border theory, trauma theory, and the concept of the NDE into dialogue, I argue that focusing on survival of bodily death makes possible a wide range of sociohistorical, cultural, epistemological, and spiritual perspectives from which to reimagine American national identity.

This range of perspectives pays close attention to various cultures' abilities to survive traumatic histories through relying on traditional ethnic as well as mainstream Euramerican worldviews. Each novel's near-death narrative relies on a different American ethno-spiritual tradition and historical experience with trauma in its location of the border spaces of the afterworld as key to reimagining U.

Moreover, the beyond of the afterworld plays a key in role reawakening a sense of spirituality that is key to changing America's focus from selfishness, greed, and socioeconomic mobility and success to responsibility, caring, and compassion. Vancouver: Nowacki JC. Kurdieh, I. The influence of loving-kindness meditation on everyday experiences of being angry: An empirical. Laurita, C. LeBeau, C. Maternal guilt: an existential phenomenological study of the early experience of first-time mothers.

Lowe, A. Student peer-group focusing in psychology training: A phenomenological study. ProQuest, UMI. Maddox, C. Psychotherapy as constitutional practice: A detailed interaction analysis of the change process in. Mahone, D. The visible and invisible aspects of miscarriage: A phenomenological, hermeneutic, imaginal study. Mbuqe, S. McElfresh, P. Active and passive Rorschach movement responses: Toward a historically and experientially.

Mest, R. Finding voice: An introduction to philosophy and psychotherapeutic practice. Mlbak, R. Flirting as a liminal experience: A dialogue between a philosophical-phenomenological. Dissertation Abstracts International,. Nokes-Malach, S. A phenomenological-hermeneutic study of adept practitioners' experiences of focusing. Peng, R. Decolonizing psychic space: Remembering the indigenous psychology movement in Taiwan. Rickard, K. Gay identity formation: An auto ethnographic look at Gay Volleyball. Risko, J. The experience of being thrown back in encounters for adults who were physically abused as children.

Rusczek, J. Sheth, R. Exploring meanings of identity, selfhood, and migration in the lives of first-generation Gujarati Asian. Swales, S. Neurosis or Perversion? Taylor, A. Embodying technology: A hermeneutic inquiry into corporeality and identity as manifested in a case. ISBN: Teague, R. Literary imagination and community mental health: A Deleuzian analysis of discourse in a fiction. Tran, E. Co-Sleeping with her baby: A qualitative study of adaptive and prescriptive voices in parenting decision. Wagner, K. Disabling Psychology: A Crip analysis of deaf and blind psychotherapists in practice.

Yahalom, J. Social dimensions of Alzheimer's Disease among caregivers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Yennari, A. Living with Schizophrenia: A phenomenological investigation. Duquesne University Department of Psychology titles Directed by: Bruce Fink, Ph. Reader: Suzanne Barnard, Ph. D Download Report.

Published on Mar View Download 1. Encountering questions of religion in psychotherapy: A hermeneutical-phenomenological study of religious patients' experiences. Directed by: Will Adams, Ph. Reader: Eva Simms, Ph. Reader: Marco Gemignani, Ph. Directed by: Eva M. Simms, Ph. Reader: Will Adams, Ph. Reader: Anthony Barton, Ph. Directed by: Suzanne Barnard, Ph. Reader: Leswin Laubscher, Ph. Reader: Laura Engel, Ph. Becoming a sex offender: A study of constitution at the intersection of the mental health and legal systems.

Directed by: Martin Packer, Ph. Reader: Jessie Goicoechea, Ph. Reader: Scott Churchill, Ph. Dissertation Abstracts International, Doc. Directed by: Constance T. Fischer, Ph. Reader: Rodney Hopson, Ph. Chiang, M. Directed by: Leswin Laubscher, Ph. Reader: Lori Koelsch, Ph. Karen Horney's three character styles [Neurotic styles] responses to early maternal deprivation and unmangeable rage: Three illustrative case studies. Reader: Daniel Burston, Ph. Directed by: Constance Fischer, Ph. Directed by: Alexander Kranjec, Ph. Reader: Sarah Wallace, Ph.

Primitive defenses and unilateral termination of psychotherapy: Are the Lerner defense scales useful in predicting premature termination in psychotherapy? Reader: Alexander Kranjec, Ph. Beyond symptom accumulation: A Lacanian clinical approach to obsession, A case study and theoretical exposition. Reader: Colleen Carney, Ph.