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I Work Alongside You Every Day —But Depending On Who Wins The Election, I Could Be Forced To Leave

They spend their entire lives in america and are also considered illegal immigrants.

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They truly are given no choice, but to live their life as an undocumented immigrant. Now imagine a parallel world where children are fighting to help keep a grin on the faces, because, in reality, it is the only thing they will have.

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This divide can be reinforced in college, where undocumented students' personal budgets -- often stretched tight due to their inability to receive federal funding -- can preclude them from joining expensive group activities. They truly are given no choice, but to live their life as an undocumented immigrant. With that in mind, it's all the more important that undocumented students explore the options and resources available to help them obtain a degree. When traveling abroad for school, this advanced parole is necessary to ensure there are no problems or delays when returning home. They truly are entitled to remain in school as well as go to college whether they have not done so. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Dream Act Thesis.

In fact, this is exactly what is occurring. Youth, that have the privilege to be American citizens, are granted a very education that is fulfilling a promise of a lifetime career. Children of illegal and undocumented immigrants do not have luck that is such. Some children that are undocumented America have quite promising futures as well as a diploma under their belts, however they cannot apply for a job simply because they do not have evidence of citizenship. S citizens rights away or perhaps is it simply an opportunity to illegal aliens.

It is one of many arguments that are many have already been stating about the dream act. This system was passed to help immigrants that are illegal in education. It had been not to acquire U. This system also known as DACA was proposed because of the president Barack Obama and it has been put on many illegal immigrants since S is literally being cursed to be born outside of the country because one will discover practically all doors into the American Dream closed.

Apparently working hard, graduating from senior school, living here mostly a life that is whole as well as the need to become someone successful and donate to this country is certainly not enough into the eyes of the opponents to your Dream Act to qualify for neutralization.

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This individual would also become ineligible for a green card as soon as they've left the country. There is no direct path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants; even marrying a citizen does not guarantee that a green card will be approved. Undocumented students, however, do have cause for hope. Through DACA, qualified undocumented students cannot be deported without legal cause for two years. The program does not lead to citizenship, but it protects undocumented students' presence in the United States.

If the act is passed into law, it would give those who were brought to the U. The latest version, recently introduced as the bipartisan DREAM Act of , represents another opportunity to pave the path to citizenship for undocumented students. College or military requirements could be met in a variety of ways, including attending a community college or vocational school or serving in the National Guard.

After meeting those requirements, conditional residency could be upgraded to permanent resident status, a key prerequisite for obtaining U. That provision discourages states from offering in-state tuition or other higher education benefits to undocumented students by requiring any state that does so to also offer the same tuition rates to citizens and lawful permanent residents who graduated from the state's high schools but who do not now live in the state.

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While the DREAM Act would not require states to provide in-state tuition to undocumented college students, it would repeal the IIRIRA stipulation that forces the states supporting undocumented students to support former state residents as well. This repeal would return authority for such a decision back to the states. In the time since IIRIRA became law, nearly 20 state legislatures have decided it is worth the Section penalty to offer undocumented college students and all other high school graduates from that state living elsewhere in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities through their own state version of the DREAM Act.

In these cases, state laws take precedent over the federal government's provisions. Prosecutorial discretion could be interpreted to simply mean not deporting someone without proper legal status if they meet requirements outlined in the DREAM Act for conditional permanent residency. Undocumented students may qualify for DACA consideration if they:. Qualifying for DACA does defer action for a period of two years. This means that those who meet the above criteria are not faced with deportation, and they are considered to be in the U. They may also apply for employment authorization.

DACA status expires after two years, but renewal is possible. It is recommended that those who qualified for DACA submit their renewal forms no sooner and no later than four months before their two years are through. All forms are submitted to the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services website, and those applying for renewal must prove that they:.

Only the most recent version of Form ID will be accepted by the U. Renewal requests that are received earlier than four months before the current deferment expires may be rejected, but the forms may be resubmitted at a date closer to expiration. Carlos Rodriguez is a graduate of Seattle University where he earned a B. As the former Student Body President, he has used his position to talk about issues related to immigration, affordable housing, and homelessness. He has been vocal about his status as an undocumented immigrant in hopes of bringing awareness to the complexity of immigration in the United States.

I had a particularly difficult time in high school because of the recession and tough anti-immigrant laws that made it difficult for my parents to keep a steady income. As a result, I moved to three different states and went to five different high schools. As a first generation student, my parents could not provide much guidance on the application process, so I had to rely on the help of my school counselors, teachers, and older brother.

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In Georgia, undocumented students are prohibited from attending major public universities so I decided to research schools that were more friendly towards undocumented students. Sometimes I would call a university and ask about their acceptance policy towards undocumented students, which made it difficult for me when people didn't know what an undocumented student was, or rudely answered saying I could not apply. After some time, I looked into news articles and op-eds of university presidents that talked about helping undocumented students in higher education, which is how I ended up at SeattleU.

Location -- Finding a state where there aren't too many anti-immigrant laws was something I heavily considered when applying to college. Depending on how far away from home you are, it is important to remember that travel isn't always cheap and it can become very time consuming. Traveling to and from Georgia to see my parents for breaks was very expensive and I didn't always go home for breaks or holidays. Cost -- If you don't have financial support from your family, it would be very difficult to pay for college and even more so if you are traveling to a different state.

While Jesuit universities are more willing to accept and offer some financial support to undocumented students, they are still very expensive. Diversity -- Finding somewhere where you feel like you belong is very important, especially if you don't get the opportunity to travel home and see family.

I spent many holidays alone and would've wished there were more people like me to be around with during those times. Not seeing parts of my culture or traditions I grew up in was difficult sometimes, but being at school where there are clubs, people, and events creates that sense of belonging. Very important. Although undocumented students can't vote, there are many ways to get involved civically.

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I got involved in local government campaigns and attended political functions where I could talk about my experiences as an undocumented immigrant -- something I would not have felt safe or comfortable doing in my home state of Georgia. Don't give up and there's always a way. I never thought I would graduate from college and even thinking about paying for it was unimaginable. It's not easy being undocumented and it's definitely not easy being an undocumented student in college.

If you can't attend your dream college or if you don't feel like you belong at the college you are at speak up for yourself. One person speaking out about their experience can really help many others in the same situation. I definitely couldn't get any federal aid, but was offered many merit based scholarships. I wasn't able to get any scholarships outside of what the school offered, so I paid the rest out of pocket.

My parents didn't want to take out loans and quite honestly, we weren't even sure if that would even be a possibility for us which is why everything we paid was out of pocket, but at least I'm debt free. Multicultural offices are the best bet, but they may not always have the resources to support undocumented students.

The DREAM Act: A Far Better Life Essay

Some schools, like the University of Washington in Seattle, have their own office dedicated to helping undocumented students Leadership Without Borders. Since my school didn't have many resources to help undocumented students, I reached out to them often and attended some social gatherings. Colleges could do more to help undocumented students by accepting them, if they don't already, offering more financial aid, and providing other services like career counseling, healthcare, and legal help.

I wasn't able to study abroad. Since I had to find ways to pay for college, I would work up to 30 hours a week while still a full time student , which prevented me from doing more general things like hanging out with friends or just feeling well rested. Students should think about financial aid, immigration laws, travel safety and cost , and the general things I mentioned above.

Finding housing can also be difficult without having a social security number or credit. Having plans in case someone in your family gets deported while you're away is also a difficult thing to think about while in college. Hiding in the shadows won't really help anyone. For me, I reached a point in my life where I felt safe and comfortable sharing my story. While it has been difficult with the political climate, many people have reached out and have asked how they can help or if they're undocumented, they ask about resources and how to make it through college.

I knew speaking out was a risk I became a victim of assault, a hate crime, and extortion right after i did but for me, I think that being a beacon of resources has helped more people which makes it worth it.

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The first person to reach out was a high school student and their high school counselor and I was able to help get them accepted to SeattleU. I was very glad to see someone like me get the help I wished I would've had. If it meant only helping one person that was fine with me, but as more time went by, so many people reached out about how they could get into college, pay for it, and even be involved in changing systems that prevent undocumented students from becoming successful.

Here's an encouraging fact that undocumented students should keep in mind when considering college: No federal law requires proof of citizenship for admission to U.

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Most institutions set their own admission policies. States that place restrictions on undocumented students, like Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia, aren't doing so to comply with any state or federal law. While it is true that undocumented status limits a student's choices, it is possible to find a college or university that accepts undocumented students and provides enough funding to make attending feasible. However, students need to do a fair bit of research to determine if a school can accommodate them.