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Color Symbolism in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"

Literally this symbols just seems like something normal, it is the weather, what could it mean. If you really read into it though, you can see how it is a symbol. Later in the novel we get to see how Daisy and Gatsby interact for the first time since they were dating many years ago. As Daisy comes to the house it is raining outside, this represents the awkward scene as Gatsby and Daisy see each other.

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As the day goes on, the sun comes out and they both begin to open up. They start to act like they have been friends for years. Throughout the novel the weather represents the mood and the feeling of the scene and how the characters are interacting. This is important because it is easy to tell the emotions of the characters just by knowing the weather. Symbols represented throughout the book brought it to life and gave a greater in site into the minds.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Symbolism in The Great Gatsby by F. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 6. Scott Fitzgerald Bruccoli, Matthew J. Words: - Pages: 7. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Essay A person cannot discover their true feelings about another until after they have passed on. Scott Fitzgerald Research Essay F. Scott Fitzgerald The following essay will explore the use and efficiency of rhetoric in the literary context of a novel. Essay F. Popular Essays.

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The most meaningful color Fitzgerald uses as a symbolic device of revealing ideas is green. Thinking of the color green reminds us of hope, nature, spring and youth. It is used to emphasize his desire and his unfulfilled wish to win his love Daisy back. Throughout the novel, the green light functions as a key symbol.

For Gatsby, the green light stands for the reunion with his love. However, Daisy could never live up to his expectations as her love cannot be as ideal as Gatsby imagines. As a result, one can state that Gatsby is mostly in love with love, and also with the imagination of a different world that is built up in his mind by his imagination.

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Although the color green is mostly associated with hope and a new world, it can convey more possible meanings, such as envy and money. Gatsby, for example, can also be seen as a jealous character. In the first place, he envies Tom Buchanan who is married to Daisy whose love he tries so hard to win back.

But unfortunately, money cannot buy everything. Besides, Gatsby throws huge parties in order to have those people he somehow envies come to his house. From this follows that green is also associated with money. The image that dominates the scene is one of light and the visibly strong contrast between brightness and darkness.

The omnipresent noise creates a sort of perplexing mood, as despite of the superficial feeling of brightness, it is difficult to locate the source of the noise, and as nights are often associated with silence, the atmosphere becomes yet more mystical, as if the commotion were a means to conceal a great secret and grant anonymity. Connotations of the night are normally ones that may imply a level of mystery, tranquillity and contemplation, which therefore means that the night which is being described here is not a typical, everyday one — the image is somehow oxymoronic.

It seems that the whole scene is surrounded by flourishing life and hope, illuminated even further by the persistent vision of light, something which in fact gives life and allows humans to survive; the light also makes the descriptions less insipid and gives the setting a sense of divinity or being raised to higher levels of existence, a sense of emotional depth.

This in turn arouses suspicion in the reader; it is unclear what is being anticipated, but the whole scene is like an omen for something unforeseen. Another distinctive characteristic of the scene is the overpowering loneliness which both the characters seem to be experiencing. The fact that the readers might perceive the two images as worthless, hollow ones only emphasises the sorrow and the sense of abandonment, seeing as the images are being degraded by the readers to the point that their symbolic value is disregarded.

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This longing for something unattainable could be a metaphor for his love for Daisy — she seems like one of those stars in the sky, so incredibly captivating, yet hopelessly distant. When watching the stars, Gatsby does not seem like the person he is seen as — sociable, throwing parties and engaging himself in shallow conversations with his guests.

The way in which he behaved might also imply him seeing himself as inferior to or admiring characters who are more confident and bold, who can speak out for themselves for example Jay Gatsby. But on a deeper level, one can see how moving that gesture is in reality. What strikes me about this is the way Gatsby is clinging on to something virtually non-existent: the light is evidently only a visual phenomenon and the only kind of hope it could give to someone is vain, temporary hope.

Gatsby Symbolism Essay

Perhaps the concept of escapism is suitable in this context — Gatsby seems to not completely accept his own reality, as if he himself was an anachronism and belonged to a different life. I believe that the light being embraced by Gatsby is a metaphorical representation of Daisy, a woman whom he still profoundly loves, even though now this love may have become platonic in nature. Following this interpretation, by attempting to embrace the light, Gatsby was in fact embracing an imaginary picture of Daisy, believing that she is pure light.

Her gentleness and daintiness resemble the fragility of the light. There are some clear similarities between Daisy and Gatsby, visible as soon as in Chapter I: they both cling on to things which are not reliable at all. While Gatsby is hanging on to the light, Daisy seems to be addicted to words, her own and the ones that others utter.

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Symbolic representation is common amongst people and cultures around the world, however it is also used by authors in literature to change meanings or instill a different meaning in the mind of the reader. The reader is forced to think, make connections, and succeed in adding a new meaning to the novel. Within these symbols Fitzgerald mainly expresses feelings and the American Dream. Dove and peace, a rose and love; they are simple things yet widely symbolic. This lack of concrete significance contributes to the unsettling nature of the image.

Another quality of theirs is that they are both actors in front of other people — they make themselves look strong and confident, but in reality they are only weak and seem to not be able to cope with life; their essence is concealed behind fake appearances and superficial behaviours.