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I noticed that he loved to wear worn T-shirt and sarong anywhere he went. Maybe, he felt comfortable wearing them. Having a pleasant personality, Pak Samad was well-liked by people around him. As he was friendly to everybody, he had many friends from all walks of life. Apart from that, Pak Samad was kind-hearted. Whenever he met people who needed help, he would definitely lend a hand. When the villagers had problems, they would ask for advice from Pak Samad. He was well-known as a problem solver.

Pak Samad and I were close to each other. We liked to spend time together. Sometimes, I would follow him to the sea to help him catch fish. He would teach me how to handle the boat and how to catch a lot of fish. In the evening, we would play takraw with other villagers. Pak Samad was a good takraw player. I recalled that when I woke up this morning, the weather was not so good. It was drizzling. After Subuh prayer, I stepped out to the veranda to enjoy the fresh morning air. Since it was drizzling, I suggested that he should not go to the sea. However, he insisted to go.

I told him to be careful. He nodded and slowly walked away. With heavy heart, I watched him go. Silently, I prayed for his safety. When Pak Samad did not come home as usual in the evening, his family was worried. They reported to the Headman. Then, the Headman gathered the men in the village and they formed a search and rescue team.

Powerful waves crashed along the shore of Teluk Chempedak as the sunset revealed its mesmerizing beauty. I was in Teluk Chempedak last holiday and I fell in love with the place. The cool turquoise water glistened in the sun. I could feel the freshness of the breeze from the South China Sea. It was my second day being alone on this tropical paradise. Some people complain that they have no free time.

Discuss the reasons why they might say this and suggest how they could use their time better. When I was sixteen years old, I had no life. As a teenager, I felt like I was a machine or robot who was programmed by my mother to study, study and study. I had no free time at all. Last December, I had a chance to visit Korea with my family. It is not only one of the best family holidays but it is also a holiday that has taught me a great lesson about honesty. Our holiday began …. Young people should be trusted to make their own decisions. How far do you agree with this opinion?

Explain why. It is also disappointing when one is not given any chance to be responsible for the decision he or she makes in life. I am always irritated when some people simply blame social networking for the problems that have been happening in the society. Are they kidding? Imagine you went to a big sports event. Describe what you saw, what happened and how you felt on that day. I was all agog when recently I had a chance to support Malaysian athletes at the Asian Games.

Uncle Siva is more than a neighbour to me. Describe a problem you once had while you were travelling. Explain what you did to solve the problem and what you have learnt from the experience. I quickly jumped out of my bed, ran down the stairs and grabbed my car key. I was already late to fetch my friends for our trip to Hatyai, Thailand. My mother had not stopped yelling at my brother who had been procrastinating his task to decorate our living room. My sister and I were busy in the kitchen attempting to bake our first cheese cake.

Everybody had a chore …. Describe the first time you went on a camping trip. You should write about the activities at the camp and explain how you felt about the experience. Really Unbelievable! I could hardly believe what I heard when Fiona, the most popular girl in school, invited me to join her in a camping trip. I was bursting with joy as it was also my first experience going on a camping trip. Money, money and money. It is the one and only thing that guarantees my happiness. Some may disagree with me but who cares.

The Malaysian tradition of having open houses is important and should be practised more. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your view. In , there are altogether open houses held in Malaysia. It is appalling that Malaysians spent RM We cannot deny the fact that animals die mainly because of human beings. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the main threats for the survival of wildlife are deforestation and illegal hunting. Write a story about a teenager who had an unusual hobby. Cooking, gardening, painting and reading are some of the common hobbies.

Most people have at least a hobby, nevertheless, some individuals enjoy having unusual hobbies. You might realise later that you could have handled another question with much more ease. Choose a topic that you are familiar or comfortable with. Select a topic which is within your experience so that you will not have to struggle with the content.

Opt for a topic which is within your linguistic ability. Do not select a topic just because you think it is challenging. This is not the time for experimentation. For weak students, it is always advisable to write a narrative. Write out your essay in neat and legible handwriting. Small or untidy handwriting, or a combination of both, can be very annoying as the reader has to spend valuable time deciphering what you have written.

Write in paragraphs. Edit and revise language if necessary. Some students make the mistake of selecting the first question that they read, or zooming in on a question they think is manageable only to realise later, that they could have handled another question with more ease. Choose a topic you are familiar, or comfortable with, which is within your scope of experience, so you do not have to struggle with content.

Opt for something that is within your linguistic ability. As for weak students, it is generally advisable to write a narrative. Remember to use a variety of sentence structures simple, compound and complex. Competent candidates should use more of the latter as your competency will be made obvious by your ability to use these structures accurately. Do not use too many simple sentences as, at SPM level, more is expected of you. Use sentences of varying lengths. A short sentence can be very effective after several long sentences. Choose words carefully.

You should be able to use words with different nuances. Write out your essay in neat, legible handwriting. There is nothing more annoying than small or untidy handwriting, or a combination of both, as the reader has to spend valuable time deciphering what you have written. Allocate 10 minutes for this and make sure spelling and punctuation are accurate. Do heed the length of the essay. You are required to write an essay of not less than words. Anything shorter would definitely be penalised. But do not write too long an essay. Some students can easily write anything between and words.

Remember, the more you write, the more mistakes you may make. Weak students are strongly advised not to write a lengthy essay. Avoid a lengthy essay. Some students believe that they will obtain more marks if they write a lengthy piece. This is definitely not true, especially if your essay has considerable grammatical errors.

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Do not waste time counting the number of words. By now you should be able to gauge how many words you write on one page, so do not waste precious time counting the number of words in your essay. Pay attention to language. Also, not all idiomatic expressions are formal. Use a variety of sentences simple, compound, complex and compound- complex of varying lengths.

Use precise vocabulary.

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He told me to be careful as there were crocodiles in the river. He warned me to be careful as there were crocodiles in the river. Do not use spoken language. These days, it is quite common to come across the usage of spoken language not only in newspaper articles, but also in magazines and novels. Remember, there are differences between spoken and written language. If you are unsure whether a phrase is spoken or written, ask your teachers.

Do not leave your sentences hanging. Remember, every English sentence must have a subject and a verb. For example, seahorses and starfish. Do not use repetitive words, phrases or structures. It was a very hot day. I was feeling very thirsty. My mother scolded me for coming home late. My father, who was just as angry, scolded me for not listening to his advice. Murni and I were best friends.

We had been best friends since kindergarten. We had promised to remain best friends till the end of our lives. You could rewrite it this way: Murni and I were best friends.

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Write a story ending with: ' We had never .. Model English Essays for SPM, GCE 'O' Level, IELTS, Click here for star writer - Abigail Shannon Chua's essays. Section B: Continuous Writing 2 Write a story in which you had to keep a friend�s secret. 3 There are many things to do after your SPM examination.

We had been close since kindergarten. We had pledged to maintain our friendship till the end of our lives. It was the end of the year. My father had promised to take us on a holiday. He had promised to take us to Perth. There are several ways to rewrite this: It was the end of the year. He told us that we would be going to Perth that year. My father had promised to take us on a holiday to Perth. She is a strong and determined person. She does not let problems stop her from doing what she wants.

She sees problems as challenges. She is strong and determined. Problems do not stop her from doing what she wants. According to her, problems are challenges. Avoid redundancy, E. I felt satisfied and contented. The first person or third person singular is the most popular voice. Be consistent in your choice of pronouns. Do not switch perspectives mid-way through the essay. Engage your reader. Make the story real for him. Get him involved in your experience. Bring your characters to life. Make them real. Make them memorable.

It is always more interesting to read about flawed characters. Have a simple plot. You will be better off using chronological order. Flashbacks are a wonderful device but you should only engage in this if you can carry it off. Use the simple past tense if you cannot handle the past perfect tense. Remember, you are writing a narrative, not a script. Avoid using informal language. If you choose to write from your own perspective, then use the first person singular i. The choice of pronoun also depends on the question. Make him involved in your experience.

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You will be better off using the chronological order. Flashbacks are a wonderful device where you merge the past with the present. But be careful; only engage in this method if you can carry it off. Use only the simple past tense if you cannot handle the past perfect tense. However, you will need to use the past perfect tense if you are referring to more than one action in the past. You may use dialogue, but use it sparingly and effectively. Remember you are writing a narrative, not a script. Before you write your essay, it is a good idea to plan what you are going to write. Her parents die and she is treated cruelly by her aunt.

A chance encounter at a pharmacy reveals this to the narrator.

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Important Characters Mary Anne Narrator The aunt How the essay seeks to engage the reader Vivid portrayal of the character through the use of verbs, adjectives and adverbs The gaunt figure that inched its way slowly towards the medicine counter looked old and haggard. Her dreary-looking outfit did nothing to conceal her bleak and depressing demeanour. Quietly, she sat on one of the chairs and waited patiently, like the rest of us, for her number to be flashed on the digital screen.

Vivid reminder of what the character had been like before Mary Anne had been the school beauty. Everyone had admired her for her looks, her brains and her beautiful character. Focus shifts from loss of external to internal beauty I wondered what had happened to the ravishing beauty I had once known.

Then again, this person looked old, much too old to be Instead of seeing a gaunt and weary figure, I saw an amazingly beautiful human being. I was rattled. I looked at Mary Anne and saw her goodness. My heart went out to her. Effective use of past and past perfect tense Her remarks reminded me of how beautiful she had been once. Mary Anne had been the school beauty. Touch of humour Many had said, rather enviously, that God had worked overtime with her — making her one of his masterpieces.

Inclusion of dialogue Varied sentence structures I was rattled. Why" Unexpected ending Mary Anne does not desert her aunt in her time of need. The beauty of her character shines through. Sometimes, you can change a story to suit another topic. I knew I had seen her somewhere before — a younger, happier version. There was no way I could be wrong. Like an arrow released from its bow, the buried and forgotten memories pierced my heart with an unknown intensity. It had to be Mary Anne, my best friend in secondary school.

Anyway, I summoned enough courage and went towards her. Hearing my footsteps, she looked up slowly. The flash of recognition in her eyes told me I was not wrong. You are looking good. Many had said, rather enviously, that God had worked overtime with her — making her one of his masterpieces. One day, Mary Anne had stopped coming to school.

Devastated, I had gone to her house, only to find it all locked up.

Checks with neighbours proved futile. No one knew where the Danker family had gone and why they had left so suddenly. Taking a seat next to her, I wondered what had happened to the ravishing beauty I had once known. I could sense that she was rather reluctant to talk, reluctant to expose a part of her life which had probably caused her a great deal of pain and suffering.

A prolonged silence ensued. Finally, she inhaled deeply and started telling me her story. Her mother had been diagnosed with end stage cancer and there was nothing the doctors could do. They said that she had only three months to live. Her father thought it best to return to their hometown, to let her live in peace in the surroundings she had grown up in.

The old widow treated her badly, forcing Mary Anne to quit school and to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

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The cruel old lady often beat her, and her cousins, jealous of her beauty, were more vicious than their mother. Just then her number was flashed on the screen. She got up and collected the medicine which, I understood, was for her aunt. Never had I felt so helpless and wretched. I never saw her again after that. Karim and as the question requires one to write the story using the sentence given as the first sentence, a flashback can be used to tell what happened and how the public-spiritedness of his neighbours had changed him.

Setting A village Main Character En. Karim How the essay seeks to engage the reader Vivid portrayal of the character through the use of verbs, adjectives and adverbs e. He was very proud of his own wealth and heritage that he became a snobbish man in his village. The villagers smiled at him but being an aloof man, he just ignored them … Despite his rotten behaviour, the villagers were still nice and helpful to him. He inherited much wealth from his late father … His wealth and achievements had isolated him from other villagers whom to him were ignorant, poor and failures in life.

Inclusion of Dialogue e. I do not feel comfortable looking at those poor people. They are disgusting! Mummy and all of us were saved by the kind men. One day as usual En. Karim went out to his factory early in the morning. Here I would like to tell you a story about Encik Karim and how public spiritedness of his neighbours had changed him into a good person. He inherited much wealth from his late father including 50 acres of land and a big batik factory in Kota Bharu. He was proud to have a happy family. His wife was the most beautiful lady in Kelantan and all his children were brilliant and intelligent in studies.

He had 10 servants and 2 drivers who worked for him and his family. His wealth and achievements had isolated him from other villagers whom to him were ignorant, poor and failures in life. In his Mercedes car on his way to the factory, he saw many villagers walking bare- footed. Karim was very busy that morning. There was a very important meeting with some fabric managers from United Kingdom.

He was hoping that his business proposal to build a factory in Edinburgh, Scotland became a reality after meeting the important people. Suddenly there was an urgent call from one of the villagers. At first he wanted to ignore the call, but then answered when the man sounded panicked. He was very shocked to be informed that his big bungalow house was on fire! His wife and children were in the house when he left in the morning.

After apologizing to the foreign visitors, he left his company immediately. Mat drove very fast so that they could reach Kampong Banggol at once. Karim was very panicked that he forgot to dial to get help from the police, rescue workers and ambulance. He became very sad thinking about the possibility that his wife and children were already killed in the fire.

For sure nobody in the village wanted to help him to save the lives of his family as he was not friendly at all to them. He then realized it was a big mistake of him not to establish good relationship with the villagers. At that moment nobody was going to help him. He reached his house 20 minutes later. To his surprise he saw so many villagers helping to stop the fire. There were also rescue workers, police and ambulance at the place. Karim was speechless. He was so embarrassed by his own unfriendly behaviour. Despite his rotten behaviour, the villagers were still nice and helpful to him.

It was the villagers who made the initiative to contact him at the factory and to dial It was the villagers who made the first move to stop the fire and save his wife and children before the rescue workers, police and ambulance arrived.

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Karim realized his big mistake. He regretted himself for being very snobbish to the people who in turn helped him regardless of the cold friendship. He realized that money could not buy everything. It was important but there was time when money was just a symbol of wealth which did mean anything to people. There was more than money that people needed in their life.

It was true friendship and public spiritedness which brought happiness and meaning of life. Everybody needed other people in their life no matter how rich they were. Heavy and tough work could be light when there was a sense of cooperation, togetherness and public spiritedness in each of the Malay citizens. Description must be lively and interesting.

Describe activities in details. Activities are arranged in order. Highlight persons involved and what they are doing. In your description, include the people and activities going on. Give an introduction to the place. Give a physical description of the place from outside moving to inside. Describe what you see and hear. Describe in details the activities and attractions. You can include personal feelings about the place. Include : If he is a famous person, mention why he is famous. Your descriptions must be interesting. Be clear about what you are describing. Mention the special features why the person is outstanding.

Use present tenses if the person is still alive. When describing a place, you are required to describe the place in detail. The time for the night market to open is after Asar until 10 pm. It is available in most of residential areas. In the night market hawkers open stalls selling food, drinks, fruits, flowers, raw fish and meat, vegetables, clothes and many more. The stalls line the streets in the areas. The night market is so popular among Malaysians. Apart from selling food at cheap prices, it is fresh and nice to eat. In many stalls, there are a variety of items on sale.

As the night market operates from one area to another, people can easily get what they want without making an effort of going out to distant shops or markets. There are many benefits the night market can offer to people. As it is available at night, members of a family can shop together. After Asar usually By spending time together to shop at the night market, it promotes togetherness and unity among family members. Neighbours also have the chance to meet at the night market if they do not have time to see each other in their housing areas.

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By meeting each other, the spirit of friendliness and neighbourliness is inculcated and strengthened. On the part of the traders, the night market provides a source of income to them. It is the place where they can sell food and items to other people with a small fee to pay to the authority. The night market is suitable for new traders who want to test the market for the new products.

Some hawkers can sell homemade products like fruit jam and pizzas to earn extra money. Home grown vegetables and fruits can be sold at cheap prices. People love to buy home them as they are fresh and plentiful. It is good that creativity in producing these goods is given to sellers. In the night market, people can also get munchies like local fish crackers, tapioca crackers, traditional cakes and which are unavailable in big supermarkets and shopping malls.

The food can be bought and presented to relatives and friends who live in other states. In certain night markets, food like salted fish, dried prawns and squids are sold for tourists. They can also get items like watches, wall clocks, calculators and t-shirts at reduced prices. Price reduction and availability of the items encourage the tourists to shop for more and bring the items back to their states or countries.

The night market is a way of life in Malaysia. After a long and stressful day, family members can get instant homemade and cooked food at the night market. Shopping together spurs togetherness and unity among families and residents. It is a channel in which local products can be creatively produced and sold to others and a source of income for traders and hawkers who operate small business.

She was born in Pasir Jertih, Terengganu on 8 August She built a house in Year and now lives in Besut, Terengganu. The school is situated at Jalan Derdap, Jertih.