Comparing blessing and island man essay

Comparing blessing and island man essay


Free Essays words 1. In my essay I will be looking at how the poet describes a culture different from our own and explaining how the poet brings this culture to life through his use of poetic techniques. The poem is set in a third world country which is in desperate need for water.


A municipal pipe bursts and suddenly there is a flurry of people rushing to get that much desired water. The title of the poem is very significant. The title penetratingly outlines how precious they view the water to be Free Essays words 3 pages.

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In these cultures are many different types of people, fat, thin, white, tanned, or even the way they act or dress. However, sometimes people aren't happy with what culture they are so decide to move into a different one. This may be due to them being unhappy, like the sound of a different culture, fancy a change or even disagree with their culture Free Essays words 4.

The documentary, Alcatraz is Not an Island, describes the occupation that made Alcatraz a symbol for Indigenous people as motivation to stand up against the cruelty that they have experienced since the arrival of the Europeans Free Essays words 2. A mere country whose economy is superb, but highly unknown by the rest of the world. Castles dominate the island, the origin of circa s. Sparkly wet cobwebs draped over the towering trees. A vast canopy of stars blanketed the heavens above called the skies. Drops of water showered the land as if it were sprinkles.

Waves were splashing against sharp pointy rocks that seem almost chilling They were captured in several days, and later, in a much-publicized trial, found guilty of premeditated murder. The young man, James McDermott, was sentenced to death, and the girl, Grace Marks, narrowly escaped it. Alias Grace begins after the murderess has served 8 years in prison.

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The death of Nancy Montgomery, Kinnear's housekeeper and mistress, has been disregarded as both villains had already been sentenced to de The poet includes three alliterations the first is small splash, these are two short words with the liquid s sound and it suggests the little sound of water dripping. The second is the sudden rush, again the liquid s-longer words or groups of sound this time, and it suggests the torrent of water.

All of these three poems have one thing in common, they are all from different cultures, and this may make you think that the authors who wrote them would be all very different people with different backgrounds but you would be surprised.

All the authors are from different countries but all of them have a strong connection to the United Kingdom. Derek Walcott for example was raised in very harsh poverty by his widowed mother in St. Lucia, he went on to win the Nobel Prize for literature in Imtiaz Dharker was brought up in the Pakistani Desert and When we read poems, very few people actually take in the devices used and make sense of the way the poet uses them and still fewer people take the time to decipher why the poet has used that specific device in that specific place.

The devises often have hidden meanings, and are used to make the poem flow better.

Island Man and Blessing Essay Sample

In this essay, I will be describing, analysing and evaluating why and how Imtiaz Dharker has used the devices she has incorporated into the 'Blessing'. The title of the poem alone, 'Blessing' is a strong word which could mean that what The two poems from different cultures and traditions that I have chosen are "Search for my tongue" by Sujata Bhatt and "Presents from my aunts in Pakistan" by Moniza Alvi.


These poems are about girls who are living in a place which is different from their culture i. However Moniza Alvi in my opinion is ashamed or embarrassed about her background but Sujata Bhatt would like to learn more about her culture. Sujata Bhatt's poem is about a girl who lives away from her culture and as a result she The poem is written in 2nd person, telling the reader what to do, and hence therefore reaching out and involving the reader far more in the poem.

Selected Criticism

Wells strongly advocated as witnessed in his book. Bear me, some god! Suppress them, or miscall them policy? Conjectures about the motives of Avaricious men, v. Doubt was born of the corruption of society; Nature and Man were said to be against faith in the rule of a God, wise, just, and merciful. It is therefore in the anatomy of the Mind as in that of the Body; more good will accrue to mankind by attending to the large, open, and perceptible parts, than by studying too much such finer nerves and vessels, the conformations and uses of which will for ever escape our observation.

The poet uses the differences in tone and mood to help display how the person involved feels about itself. The language techniques used throughout by the poet re-enforce the message of solidarity in the poem. Through the individual The two poems "Search for my tongue" and "Not my business" are both written by poets from very different backgrounds and cultures, looking to get their point across. Bhatt emphasises in his poem the on-going concerns of dying traditional languages and the fact that if you learn a new language, your old language could fade away. Osundare a Nigerian poet describes the growth of tyranny and if people ignore this growth, the tyranny will grow and grow till you become directly involved with it, Osundare's poem is based upon Pasto Neimaller's speech about Nazis in WWI and how they forcibly I feel that both poems have different meanings, however, that they are based around the same idea.

I think that Nothings Change is about conflicts between different cultures, black people and white people, and that t he poem may have been written to contradict people stereotypes about black people, and to show that they are not animals, and that they do have feelings. On the other hand, Island Man is about a Caribbean island man, who has come to London, and now misses his The poems written by Carol Ann Duffy and Sylvia Plath can be interpreted in many ways, but by looking into both poems in a deeper meaning you can quickly see that they are both alike in many ways.

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The poems have a subject, which is fairly similar, both project imagery of holy metaphors, both within them have many contrasts, and both have the same mood, and many more. Within the poems they are reflective and portray certain feelings to the reader.

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Each of the poems were written for a specific reason to give the reader an insight to their own Ferlinghetti wrote the 2 Scavengers' poem in the mid 's when living in America in which he belonged to a group known as the "Beat Generation". The poem is different and original in its style and format for how it is set out. It is about a neutral person the narrator looking on at a traffic light as two different class of people pull up.

Ferlinghetti looks at these 2 vehicles and compares the two types of people within them. American society at the time was well known for being the land of opportunity, which is why Ferlinghetti was there On the other hand phantoms are seen as scary things because they are ghosts. Perhaps the poet is trying to put across that the female looked like a ghost.

Then again this could be a metaphor to describe her as an angel. The poet has used adjectives to make the poem more effective and powerful to the reader, "her dusky hair". So far the poems structure has been flowing nicely until the last two lines effectively make the poem upbeat, "an image gay, To haunt, to startle, and way-lay".

The first verse has seemed to praise the female and The voice was written in the same year Hardys beloved wife Emma died. So the poem focuses on his heartache and loss over her. It shows his depression and how he mourned, we feel for him because he uses imagery and complexity in the poem to give us an idea of how he felt.

Poetry Comparsion of 'Island Man' by Grace Nichols and 'Blessing' Imitaz Dharker

The poem seems to be in a kind of logical order, as he describes his feelings Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out goo.