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Will you retell the person's life in chronological order? Or, will you lead with their major achievements and then circle back to tell their full story? Five hundred words only gives you three to five paragraphs to work with. In an autobiographical sketch, you can even consider a bulleted list. For something more classic, take a look at this biographical sketch about Leonard Bernstein , American conductor, composer, and educator. Before publishing or presenting a biographical sketch on an individual, double check all your sources.

It's important that the information being presented is confirmed and accurate. If you're writing a biographical sketch, the subject is the best person to provide accurate information. Is an interview possible? If not, as you obtain information about your subject from other sources, be sure to verify its veracity.

Here's more on how to find credible sources. If you're writing your own biographical sketch, it can be extended into a capsule biography or full-blown autobiography. A capsule biography covers six pertinent elements: name, birthdate, birthplace, parents' names, major achievements, and death. While the topics are similar, capsule biographies are able to include a little more detail than biosketches.

As in Ann Hadley's biosketch, she kept the focus on her major achievements with just a tiny little personal detail at the end. A biographical sketch is an important tool in a professional's toolkit. If you're a writer, it can help you formulate a byline.

If you're searching for jobs, it can help you formulate your professional summary.

All in all, a biosketch is a springboard to your story. It can even extend into your very own autobiography, or memoir. There, you'll be free to dive into all sorts of anecdotes and tales. Suggestions: NIH reviewers want to read an application that reads as if your mentors — particularly the primary mentor — had an active role in writing your application. Work with your primary mentor to identify key milestones when you will engage the mentor team — i. In other words, the research experiences and training opportunities outlined within your career development timeline should match the timeline of your proposed research aims.

For example, if you propose to learn a new research method, the research strategy section should explain how you will utilize this newly learned technique within your research project. Also available are sample fillable templates that are similar to the templates that are provided to reviewers who will score your application. Overview: The funding environment at NIH is highly competitive.

Suggestions: It is highly recommended that candidates pursue opportunities to be both corresponding and lead author on research papers to demonstrate their potential for research independence.

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Major review articles can be helpful; first-author articles are best. Pre-award specialists have a strong working knowledge of the NIH proposal preparation process and can often help PIs compile the application package. Some funders including foundations approve concept papers before inviting full applications. Concept papers are also a good best practice for anyone interested in honing their message with potential funding sponsors.

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Heilmeier developed a set of questions, referred to as the Heilmeier Catechism, that every proposal for a new research program had to answer:. Learn more about the Heilmeier Catechism. You identified a funding opportunity that seems to be a good fit for your proposed project. For the next several weeks if not months you will be committing a substantial amount of your time to the proposal-writing process. Are you confident you have fully vetted this opportunity and know for certain that your proposal is responsive to the funding announcement? Before committing significant time to the proposal, consider drafting a one- to two-page concept paper to float your idea with the relevant program officer.

A concept paper may include some or all of the following sections, depending upon how developed the research idea and whether or not the concept paper is being developed in response to a specific funding opportunity.

Header: The header of your concept paper should be the working title for your project. Approved logos are available for download from the Infonet internal access only; login required. Purpose: If applicable, describe the funding mechanism you believe is a strong match for the project. If a simple, yet effective graphic can be included to illustrate a key point, include it! Project Team: Identify key collaborators and their sponsoring institution. Identify stakeholders for which significant cooperation will be needed to implement the proposed project.

If applicable, indicate which stakeholders are willing to provide a written commitment of support for the project. The primary goal of this partnership is to increase the quality and success rate of extramural research proposals. Learn more about the Hanover Research partnership. The following articles provide insight into the Program Officer relationship and can be helpful if you are new to research or seeking fresh perspective. Jump to topic. Helpful Advice Consider your tone.

There can be a fine line between sounding confident and arrogant. Be consistent with use of the first or third person. Keep in mind that the grant proposal will likely include biosketches from several individuals. To create a more cohesive experience for reviewers, all proposals should be consistent in their choice of first or third person. Use bold text to highlight your authorship position on all citations.

If you used SciENcv to generate your biosketch, the software does not do this by default, but it is appreciated by reviewers. Section A: Personal Statement Expand answer Briefly describe why you are well-suited for your role s in the project described in the grant application. Helpful Advice Customize the personal statement for each grant proposal.

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Early on in the personal statement, speak directly to the name of the grant application, the funding mechanism and the purpose of the funding mechanism within the context of the proposal. Be concise. The personal statement should be no longer than half a page. Do not use the personal statement to walk reviewers through all of your accomplishments. Instead, use the personal statement to connect your background to the proposed project. What specific strengths do you bring to the table that make you ideally suited for your role in the project?

1. Remember Your Purpose

If you are a new investigator or early-career investigator, discuss your future research direction. NIH instructions for the biosketch provide the opportunity to utilize the personal statement to explain factors that affected your past productivity, such as family care responsibilities, illness, disability or military service. Because there are reviewers who will view any lapse of research productivity as a weakness, it is generally recommended that you not try to explain what challenges impacted your ability to remain productive.

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Section B: Positions and Honors Expand answer List in chronological order positions held since the completion of your most recent degree, concluding with your present position. Positions and Employment Follow the NIH guidance and list all positions in chronological order, concluding with your present position.

Other Experience and Professional Memberships This subsection provides a good space for speaking to the contributions you have made — and continue to make — in your field. Honors General guidance for completing this subsection is to focus on honors that are relevant to the grant application. Helpful Advice Be judicious when completing this section. The key is to highlight information that emphasizes your commitment to a career in research.

Section C: Contributions to Science Expand answer In this section, describe up to five of your most significant contributions to science.

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Helpful Advice At the end of this section, it is recommended you include a URL to your full body of work. You can utilize the narrative portion of this section to mention manuscripts that have not yet been accepted for publication, but you many only cite published papers. Do not feel compelled to list more contributions than make sense for you, given your career stage and experience. Three solidly written contributions will have more impact than four or five weaker ones.

If you contributed to more publications than you can cite, indicate as such in the narrative. To create a biosketch using SciENcv, follow these steps:.

UNC Chapel Hill. NIH Biosketch. Including a URL for a publication list in a biosketch is optional and, if provided, it must be to a government website. Google Scholar is not allowed as previously suggested by NIH FAQ wording Publications peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed and research products may be cited in both the personal statement and the contributions to science sections.

Prior to May 25, applications, only peer-reviewed publications were allowed to be cited in the personal statement section of the biosketch. Explicitly stating that graphics, figures and tables are not allowed. This was previously not addressed in biosketch information. Personal Statement new options May now include up to four peer-reviewed publications that specifically highlight your experience and qualifications for the project. Effective with May 25, applications, the Personal Statement section may also include non-peer reviewed publications and other research products.

Effective with May 25, applications, the URL for the full publication list must be to a government website. My Bibliography. Contributions to Science Briefly describe up to five of your most significant contributions to science.

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Keynote addresses, conference presentations, and posters can count as research products for the Contribution to Science section.