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Our Latest M. Tech Research Topics in Computer Networking service is help to students to create and develop m.

Thorough study of every topic is a must in the m. Making filing system in your research work will be very helpful and beneficial. But still M. Tech students facing problem in their M. In the Radio Access Network RAN the network slicing problem is complex due to the stochastic nature of wireless channels and scarce resources.

To this end efficient algorithms are required. This has attracted a lot of attention in the literature where there are works dealing with RAN slicing and QoS provisioning but focusing on a single cell scenario. However, for specific applications i. Therefore, the need of multiple-cells becomes mandatory. The focus will be on the dynamic allocation of resources with regard to slicing requests for guaranteeing QoS and isolation among them. Moreover, an optimization problem has to be developed analytically and further evaluated with extensive simulations to prove the efficiency of the approach.

Finally, for specific metrics such as reliability this method shall be compared with existing state-of-the-art approaches. Current mobile devices support several wireless technologies to communicate with the outer world. In addition, base stations also have several wired or wireless interfaces to communicate with one another or with the core network. This adds a new degree of freedom to the problem of optimally selecting data flows within a mobile network, which is motivated by the ever-changing nature of wireless channels.

In this thesis, a flexible mobile network supporting live selection of interfaces will be analyzed. Available algorithms to adaptively select interfaces and reconfigure data flows will be explored. A flexibility framework will be used in order to highlight the importance of request changes and reaction time.

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Familiarity with mobile and wireless networks. The goal of this thesis is the implementation and evaluation of a deep reinforcement learning based approach to traffic engineering in datacenters. Your task is the implementation of a packet-level simulator in NS3 and the integration of our in-house deep-rl framework in this simulator.

In this internship, the student has to evaluate the impact of reconfiguring the network on the performance of transport protocols. For more info, please contact us. P4 is a novel programming language for programming networking devices switches and NICs. It allows you to describe how the networking devices will process the packets in a high-level language. This programmability paved the way to many different applications and innovations that were not possible before, which made it a hot research topic nowadays.

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Note that there are multiple related subtopics, so the required tasks are flexible and will be based on student's interest and skills. The main requirements are being motivated and having basic programming and networking skills.

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Knowledge about SDN and P4 is a plus. P4 is a novel programming language for programming networking devices. It enables the network engineer to describe the behavior in a simple language. Switches via P4 still needs to be communicated with a controller as in any SDN architecture, however, currently available.

The latter is the reason for designing a new southbound interface, "P4 Runtime". The objective of this project is to evaluate the performance of the P4Runtime protocol and extend the existing SDN controller's benchmarking tools. A detailed analysis of the results will be performed. The student wants to work on this project in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and get a great experience on the trends in networking and SDN.

In addition,. You are interested in the internal workings of a data-center? You want to get a head-start in programmable data-planes?

Question: What Would Be a Good Topic for a Masters Thesis in IT?

You want to work on an actual problem? Then this is your chance! Load balancing and traffic engineering within data-centers is still an open problem belief it or not. Programmable data-planes offer new possibilities in tackling those problems. However, the topic is new and not well understood yet.

Check out the publication "HULA: Scalable load balancing using programmable data planes" to get an idea of what is awaiting you. Your job in this project is the re-implementation and evaluation of an in-data-plane load-balancing algorithm. You will obtain a deep understanding of the fundamental problems in data-center networking and novel technologies such as P4 and SDN.

You also want to do a Forschungspraxis or Master Thesis?

Latest M.Tech Thesis Research Topics in Computer Networking

No problem! This project allows you to continue by bringing machine learning into play. Our goal is a network that learns traffic engineering by itself without human intervention. Just let us now. Today, Internet-based services are delivered to on-board passengers on airplanes. Improving the service availablity can be an issue for airline companies and their passengers. In this work, we plan to design a reliable approach based on Generalized Assignment Problem, considering the flying airplanes.

We want to implement the proposed model and evolve the performance of it in a simulation environment. In this work, the student will survey different P4 software switches and evaluate its performance. This work studies the application of Boltzmann machines as an extension of Hopfield neural networks for optimization problem space reduction. This work should survey, analyze, and implement a first approach of a Boltzmann machine for an optimization problem. Potential extensions can also be applied to ongoing research studies of reconfigurable networks or virtual network embedding.

Survey of software switches. Setup of physical and virtual machine-based measurement system. Code analysis of Open vSwitch user space. Reevaluation of existing Open vSwitch measurements. Study of Bayesian optimization concept. The Wireless Sensor Networks lab offers the opportunity to develop software solutions for the wireless sensor networking system, targeting innovative applications.

For the next semester, a position is available to assist the participants in learning the programming environment and during the project development phase. The lab is every Tuesday from to Linux knowledge. Experience with embedded systems and microcontroller programming knowledge is preferable.

The wireless sensor networks lab offers the opportunity to develop software solutions for wireless sensor networking systems, targeting innovative applications. The lab is every Tuesday from till For the next semester, a position is available to assist the teaching assistants for the lab definition and preparation of the assignments, preparation of the hardware, etc.

This working student position supports us in conducting measurement and implementing network algorithms and solutions for various use cases. Within, the applications of ML and AI range from data center network optimization to anomaly detection in campus and enterprise networks.

Home Student Thesis We offer students the opportunity to actively participate on interesting and cutting edge research topics and concrete research projects by conducting their thesis in our group. Open thesis as PDF. On the Implementation of Efficient RAN Slicing Algorithms Description Network slicing is a new emerging technique introduced in 5G to boost network performance and accomodate the new heterogeneous requirements of upcoming applications.

Strong mathematical background. Knowledge of optimization techniques is a plus. Meta Log in. Please try to stick with this layout. General Rules and Hints Structure of the document The main document should be organized as follows. The ratio between the main sections 2. Problem statement What problem are we trying to solve? Conclusion What are the implications of the answer?