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This satisfies the statement by Dwight D. Eisenhower that "Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it. Sebastian Knoll, Cross-Business Synergies, page The phenomenon of Synergy within a Group or Team has become one of the most vital parts for an organization. People who work in groups are able to produce more efficiently and they confer greater quality of output than that produced by an individual and their productivity combined. To make utilize of synergy in groups managers need to make sure that, the group they put together comprise a variety of skills and talents which are diverse and corresponding but still relevant to the task, and being certain that these skills are coordinated efficiently.

Managers should make sure that the groups achieve goals for the organization in their own way and enough independence is provided to solve problems.

Organizations constantly strive to develop new products, services, new technologies and deliver them to the market. Innovation provides organizations with competitive advantage. An individual working alone might possess an innovative idea, but it takes a team with skills and expertise to execute it. Required guidance, training, and resources are provided by the Managers but the rest is in the hands of the team.

By being innovative, individuals and teams tend to be world leaders and in the words of Harold R. Groups and Teams are the pillars of an organization, while they have enormous power to transform an organization into a successful one, the problems associated with them can also not be ignored. Here are some problems discussed below:.

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Groupsthink a concept by Irvin Janis where he refers to faulty decision making in a group. Groups are highly venerable to groupthink when the members of the group is already cohesive, when is group ignores outside opinions and there are no clear rules for decision making. Task- oriented and problem solving groups are predominantly susceptible to groupthink.

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People are no longer living and working in isolated markets, but now they are part of the world economy coming from almost every continent. For example, at the lower hierarchy the employees such as sales representatives of a car company, they are the people who are closest to the customers and are aware of the customer needs. Cohesive groups will gain higher levels of cooperation and support amongst the members. Harmonizing to the Maslow theory of motive, five indispensable demands are of import for the motive of human existences. Organizational Behavior and Building a Winning Environment - Corporations create strategies for their teams to deliver outcomes on daily basis, so they can achieve profit and market share within their respective industry. Dorcey, k. Free trade places a burden on economic competition to domestic industry, not to customers around the world.

Groupthink is one of the main reasons for faulty decisions by expertise of organization. The decisions made are often based on incomplete information without considering the risks behind it. There are many negative outcomes of groupthink such as the group is not open to more alternatives as it sticks to the alternative which does not harm. Expert opinion is not sought which leads to immature decision making and disastrous future circumstances.

There always lies a problem of direct pressure in groupthink which always keeps the members under pressure and they are unable to express argument over any of the group views.

Teams do not work in isolation and are often highly dependent on other groups or teams within the organization to complete their goals. Sometimes it also arises due to direct competition. The consequences of conflict can take two forms, positive and negative. Positive also known as Constructive conflict helps teams work towards goals through healthy debate on the decision in question.

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Conflicts helps the team reduce conformity and unhealthy agreement, solve problems better and overcome obstacles to group progress. It also helps teams achieve goals outside the box through continuous feedback from both internal and external sources. Negative which is also known as destructive conflict on the other hand can result in lack of cooperation within teams and this may prove disastrous to the final goal if not managed well at its early stages. There are many conflicts in groups which are causes of destructive conflicts.

Relationship Conflict Relationship conflict is due to interpersonal incompatibilities which affect components such as feeling, frictions and tensions. It can arise in family, groups in society or organization. Personal issues like dislike among other group members, irritation, frustration, etc can be included in relationship conflicts. Task Conflict task conflict is the conflict which occurs due to differences in viewpoints and.

Its related with relationship conflict and also associated with poor decision making. For example if a team mate repeatedly asks for help in a certain situation, that would be a value conflict. It is therefore very important for managers to take control of all the problems right from their roots.

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Teams that face problems such as conflicts, risky shifts, groupthink and social loafing are a treat to the organization and should be resolved at the earliest. Conflict resolution is the task of the manager as much as it is the task of each of the members of the team. Yarbrough, p. Ground rules and standards can be set by a manager with the other team conflict manager.

Teamwork has bought the employee and the organization closer than ever. Problem solving, creativity, innovation and shared vision are as synonymous to teamwork as teamwork is to success. Drucker P. Leading Groups and Teams by James S.

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Yarbrough chapt 3, p. Wendell L. Stories and Myths: foster and shape people and events, which communicate meaning regarding what is esteemed inside the group. These fundamentals possibly will intersect. Develop a strategy to deal effectively with organizational culture issues to ensure success of your plan. Companies time and again encounter the mistake of evaluating culture either too late or not at all Hiatt, J. Systematic cultural diagnostics can appraise organizational inclination to change, convey key concerns to the surface, recognize tensions, and identify factors that can distinguish and influence basis of leadership and disagreement and conflict.

These diagnostic tools are the essential ingredients in place to spot the foundational principles, perspectives, behaviors, and insights that must be considered for successful change to take place. They operate as the conventional baseline for planning major change rudiments, such as the recent shared vision, and assembling the procedures, arrangements and schemes necessary to impel change Beckhard, R. Every organizational development program has one thing in common: its success depends on the efficacy of several cooperative efforts, instead of a few single or individual valiant efforts.

Constant and appropriate feedback from all levels in the organization is major component to continued success. Re-evaluation as a sustained effort cannot be underestimated.

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Re-establishing or setting in concrete the changes made through shared culture is a must. The company should ascertain that members of the organization take ownership over what occurs in the institution where they belong. When managers are advocates of tasks, a number of things get done. When supervisors are campaigners of development programs, some added things get done.

As it is concerned with the rigorous attachment of the processs and regulations therefore it is really of import to take people who look for each and every minute item carefully and can supply the critical rating of the new thoughts. The Belbin theory of squad function can assist the directors to compare their squad members with the functions defined and see what type of people are at that place in the squad and what the squad is missing in features so that failings can be recovered Forster N, Motivation is the power that commences, directs and preserves the goal-oriented behavior.

It is related to acquire the things done. The power behind motive can be emotional, societal or biological in nature. It is the responsibility of director to acquire the work done from the subsidiaries and for this he should be able to actuate employees. But actuating person is non every bit easy as it seems to be. Plenty of motive theories have been in topographic point but all these are non clearly understood and ill practiced Cherry K, neodymium. Couple of these theories are described here.

Harmonizing to the Maslow theory of motive, five indispensable demands are of import for the motive of human existences. A pyramid known as hierarchy of demands has been formed showing the five indispensable demands Maslow, Bottom of the pyramid shows basic demands like nutrient and shelter that motivate people to work hard.

Peoples get the wages and these demands are met. After these demands are satisfied, people look for their safety and security through good and safe occupation. Then comes the societal demands like the demand to belong to a group. Self regard is the following demand after societal demands. Self-esteem is the demand that can be satisfied with the acknowledgment or the publicity.

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And the topmost demand is the self-fulfilment. Self fulfillment means personal development, creativeness and involvements. If a individual gets his demand satisfied for one degree so he gets motivated to the following degree Maslow, Tesco supports perfect disposition towards the motive of its employees.

The direction at Tesco looks for the basic demands of the employees that can be done with the regular monthly wage. In the following degree of demands, Tesco provides the safe occupations by supplying the formal understandings with the employees and assisting them with the illness and pension strategy and takes attention of their wellness and safety at work topographic point. Tesco directors besides make certain that employees work in groups at different degrees.

This will do certain that they learn from each other and advance their accomplishments. Tesco direction besides promotes the ego regard and the regard for others. Tesco has launched a grade feedback system in which the parts from every individual are recognised and rewarded. Hard work wages and this keeps the motive high in the employees. Tesco direction has besides kept the options for the ego development unfastened for it employees. All the employees get the chance to have preparation for the calling patterned advance and publicities.

These degrees motivate employees one after another and therefore they work together in order to better the public presentation of the organisation. Frederick Herzberg developed a theory in known as two factor theory of motive. Harmonizing to his research, some factors are considered as the existent incentives or satisfiers and others were hygiene factors. Absence of hygiene factors could be troublesome and can do defeat. Hygiene factors include wage and benefits, company policy, relationship with co-workers, working conditions, occupation security, position and personal life.

Satisfiers like accomplishment, acknowledgment, publicity and growing Herzberg, Thus it is really of import that an endeavor creates such conditions that could do an employee feel fulfilled. Tesco direction keeps an oculus on both hygiene factors every bit good as satisfiers. These factors help actuate and authorise the staff and that is done by deputation on duty, accurate communicating, prosecute them in determination devising.

Thus the staffs that make parts can be identified and rewarded with the appropriate acknowledgment. Staff members in Tesco can besides take the eating house bill of fare that can increase the usage of eating houses and benefit Tesco and therefore employees feel motivated.