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They also buy the latest gadgets for their kids. Colleges have always been a place where students get the freedom to wear what they want. Everyone wants to look good and thus looks for the best clothes, footwear, accessories and bags which are in-line with the latest fashion. Both girls and boys are seen wearing beautiful fashionable clothes. They are also seen wearing smart watches and using latest mobiles that are in vogue. Fashion trends keep changing frequently and the college students shop as frequently to change their wardrobe and flaunt the latest trend. Students these days have grown very particular about fashion.

They love flaunting the latest fashion trends and create a style statement of their own. The youth of our country follows the fashion trends like no other generation. Unlike the elderly people, the young people love experimenting with their looks. They do not hesitate in trying new things and accepting change. Hence, they are always on the lookout for new fashion trends.

The youth in our country has never been as conscious about fashion as it has become in the current times. The culture in our country is changing by the day. People these days work in corporate offices that follow the culture of socialising. Corporate parties and social gatherings are thrown every now and then. People come dressed up in the best of their clothes in these parties in order to impress their colleagues and clients.

Now, dressing-up well has become synonymous to dressing up as per the latest fashion, keeping in mind the place and occasion. Social Media has also increased the fashion craze among the youth. People, especially the young lot, flaunt everything on the social media. They post their pictures wearing trendy clothes, using the latest gadgets and chilling out at the most happening pubs and restaurants. Posting pictures and viewing the pictures posted by others is the favourite past time of the youth today.

They inspire each other to look fashionable by way of such pictures and posts. They purchase fashionable clothes and visit happening places in their town and show it off via social media platforms. It is rightly said, when you look good you feel good. The youth follows this mantra religiously. Following fashion and staying in style renders a feel good factor and the youth is thus inclined to take on this path. For the youth, following fashion has become a way of life. They keep a tab on the latest fashion trends by way of the internet and incorporate them in their lives. They are highly inspired by the celebrities and try to imitate their style to look like them.

Fashion Trends change with every passing season. People who dress up according to the latest fashion trends are considered up to mark while those who stick to the old ones are called outdated. Young girls come on the top most position when it comes to following fashion trends. They are also the ones who have a plethora of choices when it comes to fashionable clothes, accessories, bags, footwear and hair styles.

While the internet made it easy, the advent of the social media has made it easier. Young girls follow fashion forums and blogs to know what is trending in the world of fashion. They also follow their favourite celebrities on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to view their latest pictures. They are inspired by the beautiful dresses, hair styles and accessories of the celebrities and try to incorporate them. Denim jeans have been in vogue for the young girls since decades and continue to be in fashion even today.

However, a number of new western dresses are in fashion these days. It is addressed as a reversal of the accepted tradition of Western fashion which is associated with the Asian design. The investigation Lemire and Riello has found that all countries of Asia mainly India and China have addressed significant success in expansion of their culture in Western countries like US and UK.

The main reason behind this is increase trade relationship with among these countries along with increase in interaction among people. Furthermore, it has been addressed that India and China have been identified important tourist destinations for western people. In addition to that both these countries along with other Asian countries are enriched with great culture, art, craft, history, traditions etc Ralston and et.

What Influences The Fashion Trends?

That play most crucial role to attract visitors from all over the world. This thing has played most crucial role and created significant impact fashion industry of West. These elements are also addressed in their fashion trends Fury, All of this developed gradually over more than five thousand years, a remarkable length of time for cultural traits to survive through.

All these elements have created significant impact on the perception of people and western designer. Benyon and Dunkerley stated that Indo-Western clothing is identified as a best example of intersection of Indian and Western culture.

In the contemporary era, Western styles were well established as an important part of Indian fashion that results some professional Indian women are considering the Western-style dresses along with saris for office wear. In addition to that Fashionable Indian women are also wear traditional shalwar kameez and the kameez tunic is wear with jeans that is identified as precinct example of combination of culture that has emerged new trends in fashion industry in both Asian and Western countries Mato, In similar way, people of European nation are also using cloths related to Indo-Western combination.

Inspite of its significant growth trend, China's rising costs has influenced multinational producer in various other low cost production companies. As per the result of growth of economy, India is rapidly expanding its role along with its capacity for increasing in proportion in world trade of clothing and textile.

Vertically integrated companies are organized in a hierarchy and share a common owner. In addition to that various designers of India have managed great success in western fashion industry Industry Overview, Apart from that Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh are being addressed as important destinations on their low manufacturing costs due to cheap labor available.

The research of Lemire and Riello has found that the future global market for textile and fashion industry is going to expand in a significant way. The reasons for such expansion contains several element such as growth of new consumption markets, growth of modern retail business, boom of air and sea shipments along with logistic related activities. Furthermore, the growth of textile and related production in Eastern Europe, ex Russian block, Turkey, Middle East, South East Asia, India, China as well as South America is addressed as most critical factor in order to increase interaction among people and their culture that leads great impact on fashion trends and perception of people Ralston and et.

In addition to that there are several ethical issues raised due to Westernization of Asian countries and culture.

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In this context, distortion of traditional lifestyle, clothing and traditions. In addition to that it is also increase inequality among people because people who wore western cloth in Asian region consider themselves more important and influential Manlow, It is also creating huge impact on traditional cloth manufacturing and crafting practices. Therefore, it can be stated that Asian and Western culture is greatly influencing fashion industry of each other. Have a look at our latest dissertation samples! On the basis of above assessment, it can be concluded that Western culture has significantly influenced clothing in Asian countries in which globalization is identified as main critical factor.

This essay has found that growth of Western and Asian culture in the fashion industry of each other countries have led several positive and negative impact such as development of new fashion design and promotion of traditional craft in all over the world along with distortion of traditional clothing etc. Anheier, H. Cultures and globalization: The cultural economy.

Benyon, J. Globalization: the reader. Bhardwaj, V. Fast fashion: response to changes in the fashion industry. Crane, D. Fashion and its social agendas: Class, gender, and identity in clothing. University of Chicago Press. Lemire, B. From to late , Cassini dressed her in many of her most iconic fashion, including her Inauguration Day fawn coat and Inaugural gala gown as well as many outfits for her visits to Europe, India and Pakistan.

Although Cassini was her primary designer, she also wore ensembles by French fashion legends such as Chanel, Givenchy, and Dior. More than any other First Lady her style was copied by commercial manufacturers and a large segment of young women firstladies. In the years after the White House, her style changed dramatically.

Wide-leg pantsuits, large lapel jackets, silk Hermes head scarves and large, round, dark sunglasses were her new look. She often chose to wear brighter colors and patterns and even began wearing jeans in public. Jackie Kennedy: Post-Camelot Style. She also experimented with different styles, often wearing a large amount of jewelry, hoop earrings with her hair pulled back, and gypsy skirts. In the , the U. This became the turning point for youth culture to reject this idea of war because it was a sign of rebellion to kill many innocent people.

Men and women wore their individual garments such as leather vests over bare chests or tee shirts and dressy loose blouses Fiftiesweb. Hippies were mainly white teenagers and young adults who shared a hatred and distrust towards traditional middle-class values and authority. They rejected political and social orthodoxies but embraced aspects of Eastern religions, particularly Buddhism. Many hippies also saw hallucinogenic drugs, such as marijuana and LSD lysergic acid diethylamide , as the key to escaping the ties of society and expanding their individual consciousness.

The immediate precursor to the hippies was the so-called Beat Generation of the late s, including the poet Allen Ginsberg, who became a hippie hero. But where the coolly intellectual, black-clad beats tended to keep a low profile and stay out of politics, the hippies were known as much for their political outspokenness as for their long hair and colorful psychedelic clothing. In , more than , people attended the Woodstock Music and Art Festival in New York, and event that symbolized the best aspect of the hippie movement.

Essay on modern fashion trends

There was also a dark side to the hippie culture. Many teenagers during this time period came to clubs to socialize with other teenagers. The outfits that they wore included gold lame, leopard skin, stretch halter jumpsuits, and white clothes that glowed in ultra violet light to capture the 70s disco fashion perfectly Fashion-Era.

Punk clothes suited the lifestyle of lower class, and communicated through ripped jeans, torn t-shirts, and random haircut Fashion-Era. When compared, one seemed respectable and wholesome, while the other made the wearer seem like a homeless person. This show influenced especially female audiences to dress lavishly and use both fine and costume jewelry Ultimatedynasty. Moreover, most women wore shoulder pads with such ornaments as diamond, pearl, and gold chain.

One of the main characters was played by the naturally broad shouldered film star Linda Evans. Nolan Miller, the Dynasty film set costume designer decided to go with her big shoulders and gave slight emphasized to them. Every other actor had to be shoulder padded, but with more depth to match her shoulder. The s was a time of greed and individuals living a lie that they had everything whether it be fashion, champagne or property.

Lavish used of both fine and costume jewelers was worn day and night on the show and it drifted into mainstream fashion. Big, almost huge gilt fashion earrings several centimeters across drew attention to faces drowning in shoulder pads.

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India is a land of varied culture and thus different fashion trends are followed in different These Fashion essay will take you through the beginning and progress of . Fashion has become an integral part of our society in the modern times. Breaking away from brand names, a current fashion trend is the rise of "retro" History High Fashion and Streetwear In modern society there exists an.

Stones could be fake or real. Diamante, pearls and gold chains were intended to tell the rest of the world you had arrived. The women in Dynasty wore all the trimmings of jewellery along with a wide range of lavish covetable underwear and lingerie fashionera. Similiarly, the concept inspired the male fashion style. In just over a year, Thriller became—and currently remains—the best-selling album of all time, with estimated sales between million copies worldwide, as well as the best-selling album in the United States thelakestudio. Moreover, The Miami Vice also inspired gentleman to wear colorful shirts with expensive suits.

The show became noted for its heavy integration of music and visual effects to tell a story. It ran for five seasons on NBC from Unlike standard police procedurals, the show drew heavily upon s New Wave culture and music. It is recognized as one of the most influential television series of all time. During its five-year run, consumer demanded for unconstructed blazers, shiny fabric jackets, and lighter pastels increased.

Many of the styles popularized by the TV show, such as the t-shirt under pastel suits, no socks, rolled up sleeves, and Ray-Ban sunglasses, have today become the standard image of s culture. Therefore, those trends imitated the audience to dress like the famous movie stars on screen.

The mood of society in the final decade of the last millennium was more defining than what was actually worn. So much more was on offer globally, and many people lost interest in fashion as necessary and important to their lives when business rules for dressing relaxed. Working from home became common. By the edge of the 21st century dressing down in every aspect of life became an acceptable norm. Ordinary retail clothing sales, textile manufacturing industries and stores all declined from a less active more casual marketplace.

The range of fashion goods available was huge in the s, but no one knows the real answer why retail sales were often slow-moving. The main driving force of fashion was the striving to achieve individuality. Rapid distribution of information and a more relaxed attitude to clothes has led to a certain inevitable uniformity in cities thousands of miles apart. The consuming years of the s less became more in the s. Not everyone adopted minimalism, but many did as they sought to blend and fit with an increasingly aggressive urban society.

For instance, the silhouette became neater as shoulder pads finally died and jewellery became non existent or chic in its fineness and barely there quality. People ensured that designers of today are likely to be influenced by street fashion. But all too frequently they pick up an idea at the street level source.

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But to 1. The fashion industry is synonymous with rapid changes and for a company to have success in the fashion industry the organization needs to be fast and flexible. People after all need clothes that look good and fashionable in one way or another in order to feel good about themselves Archived from the original on In this process, culture and traditions of different countries is creating huge impact on design and appearance of clothes.

They have an eye to global commercial profits from effect on their ready to wear ranges. This makes for a lack of creativity as clothes develop homogenized uniformity. In a market saturated with retail outlets, clothing sales have been falling. The consumer simply has too many shopping places to choose from, so spending power gets spread very thinly between all the outlets or directed to specific branded goods. Moreover, the view towards millennium or dressing down became widely known when many people lost interest in fashion.

However, this situation made people come up with a trend called the minimalist style such as mini skirt, or tank top. Moreover, there appeared punk or gothic style in which both females and males wore black clothing, used make up, spiky hair, black pants, and color hair.

For example, people wore red t-shirts to show happiness, and wore blue for relaxation.