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You can also clear your text anytime you want by clicking on Reset. The word limit for a dissertation is usually between 3, and 8,; for a Personal Statement in a job application To avoid exceeding your word limit, try to replace phrases with single words, avoid pleonasms, check the voice of your verbs, and more importantly sleep on it. Microsoft Office student was initially a kind of package that included applications that were previously sold separately. The advantage was purchase cost. Over the years, Office applications have grown, sharing some components such as a spell checker, the ability to integrate OLE and VBA scripts.

Microsoft Office suite is still the most famous in the world. Since the release, Microsoft has added the word "Office" before the name of each software suite that seems to be less suitable for individuals, advising students and families to purchase Microsoft Works Suite for cheap Microsoft Word. A word processing software covers two notions, quite different in practice: an interactive text editor and a compiler for a language formatting of texts. During its evolution, Word has integrated design tool that allows publishing operations, such as adding graphics charts, graphs, economic, geometric shapes, illustrations, equations and student training.

Writer and typewriter Readers find articles with interesting information enjoyable. For the same reason, writers strive to use words that make articles thought-provoking for the target readership. The choice of words is based on facts and figures to make the article interesting and convincing. It is important to be concise and respect word count. Generally, the lesser the words the better is the article. Novels are stories structured with words, and best-selling novels have words that do extraordinary things. Novel writers will tell you about the dreaded writers block having difficulty putting ideas into words. Writing a novel requires a calm and centered approach, and a strong sense of purpose. Novels are usually between 60, to 80, words, but established authors may write longer novels.

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Shorter versions of novels, also known as novellas, may range between 20, to 40, words. Short stories average 2, words, but may extend to 20, words. Writing a thesis or dissertation is critical for a graduate student, but most graduate students fail to write their dissertations because of lack of structure. Dissertation writing requires a solid foundation, where words are unique and directed at a specific audience.

Writers understand that the language or word usage should be concise, simple and direct, creating pace and supplying excitement, passion and inspiration to the reader. Salesmen are paid by the number of sales. Fishermen are paid by the pound of fish.

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Writers are paid by the number of words. It is no surprise that writers understand word count very well. Editors of magazines or publications often demand articles of specific word lengths.

You may remember that the editor of a fashion magazine in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, asked the writer to craft a similarly worded article for their readers. Writing assignments or competitions also have word limits. The Count of Monte Cristo The world's shortest story writing competition, for example, has amazing stories that are no longer than 55 words. Authors understand that papers, essays, novels or books should have a minimum number of words. You will often hear authors boast about the length of their latest novels.

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This gives an accurate representation of the overall length of your paper and saves you from having to perform elaborate calculations just to know whether your paper is too long, too short, or just right. Help me! Letter Counters Character Counters. Look over the quotes you have already included in the paper. With only so much information, there are only so many things you can say without sounding excessively wordy. Again, counting footnotes as part of the page count is a general rule of thumb, not a definitive answer.

It is customary to charge legal briefs by the word count. School papers often have a word limit. Word count also serves to regulate the length of documents produced for business, school or other writing assignments. Almost every student will tell you about her word count experience while writing a paper on The Count of Monte Cristo, one of most popular works of Alexandre Dumas and a must read in every schools curriculum.

The availability of word processing tools have made it easy to count words. In the absence of computers it was a challenge to count the number of words , and every writer dreamt of an easier way to determine word count. Also, there may be situations where a quick word count is needed.

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For example, you may want to know the word count of some articles that you just read on the web. Word count applications in computer programming are a great utility. For example, have you tried to find the count of a specific word in a document? The countofwords. Posted 16 May In a pinch, students often rely on tricks like increasing margin size or making their font slightly bigger. Though these tricks do increase page length, there are easier and smarter ways to write a longer, high-quality essay.


Here are 10 tips on how you can write a longer and a smarter essay, even if the deadline is fast approaching:. Think about the following:. Often times, ideas evolve while writing a paper. If the first thing you wrote was the introduction, go back and reread the first paragraph. You might decide that you left out key information that aids the reader in understanding your argument. Then, go back and revise the parts that were unclear, adding in more information to provide readers with further clarity.

Chances are, you have already used quotes in your paper. You can also do a little more research to see if there are any other sources you can add to provide the reader with more evidence toward your argument. Did you make an outline to plan the essay when you first started?

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This might sound like a silly tip, but when you read your paper out loud, you become increasingly aware of any grammatical or syntactical issues. When you rephrase sentences to fix these, you might end up increasing the paper length a bit.

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