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Tear sheets, or groups of plots and charts, are the heart of pyfolio. Note that PI method doesn't care much how big your range is. This tutorial covers regression analysis using the Python StatsModels package with Quandl integration. Funds in the IMA cautious managed sector can actually invest up to 60 per cent of their assets in equities, including shares in volatile areas like emerging markets. In a nutshell, Black-Litterman takes a Bayesian approach to portfolio optimization.

Sanlam UK chief executive Jonathan Polin. Natalie Kenway KennethGoso.

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Your profession Sanlam told to compensate client for savings plan sale Bought plans in and 18 October Investment Cazenove Capital launches five sustainable model portfolios To be added to model portfolio service 18 October For the group awards we assess only their funds that meet criteria 1 and 2 above.

For each group there you have two statistics to choose from across all included applicable funds — they are both AUM weighted by the individual fund sizes versus the total AUM of all funds in the UK that met conditions 1 and 2 above.

We examine several things at once — risk adjusted returns, sector comparisons and AUM weightings in one number. All these AUM weighted ranks for risk-adjusted performance are averaged for each group. Groups are also rewarded for the performance of their equity or fixed interest funds. The Group Award methodology above is replicated, but with one amendment. The total AUM used to weight both the average return per group and to weigh the average risk adjusted sector rank per group is based only on funds that invest in equities or fixed interest securities.

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Investment strategy Income investing Growth investing Value investing Asset allocation Passive investing Ethical investing Capital preservation. All funds and trusts Browse by fund Browse by sector. Growth Portfolios Alpha - short-term growth, medium risk Bravo - medium-term growth, medium risk Charlie - long-term growth, medium risk Delta - short-term growth, higher risk Echo - medium-term growth, higher risk Foxtrot - long-term growth, higher risk.

Income Portfolios Golf -- immediate income, medium risk Hotel -- balanced income, medium risk India -- growing income, medium risk Juliet - immediate income, higher risk Kilo - balanced income, higher risk Lima - growing income, higher risk.

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