Ways to conclude your essay

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

This is your final word regarding the topic.

Why do you need essay conclusions?

The thing about your essay conclusion is that it should be your last word regarding the topic. You need to get the most convincing argument to the table and restate your thesis to clarify your position once again. There are lots of various guides on how to write a conclusion for an essay and most of them will tell you that the most important thing is to make your essay conclusion convincing.

But the problem is that it is not an easy task to convince your reader.

What this handout is about

Your essay needs a conclusion to drive main points and give understanding why it matters. Conclusions are among the hardest parts of an essay to write well. What am I talking about? Did this summary help you? Dowell from Michigan State University to find more transition words for finishing an essay. Need a little extra help with your essay writing?

It is not just a summary of arguments you were describing in body paragraphs. This is not just a restatement of your thesis statement either. You need to think how to start a conclusion for an essay to make it sound both like the most obvious and shocking thing. Here are few things you can start with:. If a student does not understand how to write a conclusion for an essay, he or she should get some samples to check their knowledge and skills.

20 Essay Conclusion Examples to Help You Finish Strong

Fortunately, in this article, you can find few. If you do not understand how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay, for example, there is a perfect way to clear everything up. Just seek some samples online.

There are few main things you want to check:. The structure of your final part should be as in any other paper. You need to restate your thesis and two main reasons you were describing. Please note that it is not necessary to restate the entire thesis. You have already done this in your introduction, and there is no need to do this once again entirely.

Your reader should be sure that you are right already. I gave you three most powerful and solid descriptions of how homework affects our studying on a daily basis. It is just irrelevant to deal with homework every day. It is due to lots of other stuff to do if you are a teenager. Thank you for your patience and letting me explain my point of view regarding this topic. On an argumentative paper sample of conclusion, we will explain ourselves how to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay regarding those tips we mentioned before.

Contemporary technologies are evolving so fast that we do not even need to push it anymore. Art is on its side a constant and even ancient engagement factor. Art is life and about life. People explore different new worlds with art and create new art to meet new people.

That is why art is one of the most important tools of progress and interaction between people. The style of essay conclusions is as varied as the personalities of the writers and the topics they write about. However, they are all variations of three kinds of conclusions:ones that summarize; ones that editorialize; and ones that externalize. Grammar school and high school teachers often insist on the summary conclusion because it demonstrates an ability to encapsulate your writing concisely by reducing it to its main points.

Quick and easy guide to writing a conclusion!

In college composition, though, where the topics are more complex and your writing is, likewise, more sophisticated, other methods of conclusion can bring to bear your individual voice, your creativity, even your politics, without violating the essay's topic. We take it for granted that conclusions must finish an essay, but in truth they are usually unnecessary:everything an essay needs is satisfied by the statement of its thesis in the introduction and by the development of its points in the body.

Conclusions are, for the most part, rhetorical :they provide a "finish" that creates a dramatic effect.

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They leave the reader feeling as though an essay is rounded off, polished, balanced and symmetrical. Why readers demand this effect is up for debate, but here are some ways to think about that polish:. As in paragraph development, sequencing provides a "flow" of ideas and a coherent pattern of development to an essay.

However, whether that sequencing is chronological, spatial or emphatic, it still approximates a narrative thread--only with ideas instead of story events and characters--and readers like their essays to appear to have a narrative structure just like a good story. The satisfaction that comes from a good ending to a story is created by a sense of balance, symmetry and resolution.

In essay writing, a good conclusion creates for the reader the feeling that resolution has been achieved, and resolution provides a sense of balance to the essay's "narrative.

Learn about the elements of a successful essay conclusion.

Essays follow a pattern of organization that structures the development of ideas, both for the writer and the reader. Regardless of the mode of that pattern process analysis; comparison-contrast; classification-division; descriptive-narrative; etc. Because readers look for symmetry, they enjoy one or more paragraphs at the back end of the essay--the other "bookend" to give the essay's structure its harmonious balance.

Here's another analogy to help put this idea into perspective:filmmaking. If we think of essays as documentary films, and introductions as the camera "zooming in" to a topic from the general to the specific, then conclusions are the camera "zooming out" again. Unless you are assigned to write a broad survey or overview of a subject in the style of an encyclopedic article, most likely your essay will focus on a specific topic. A topic, however, is selected from a range of topics that fall under the heading of a subject.

Another way to express balance and resolution in a conclusion is by demonstrating to the reader how your topic relates to others:to reveal the system of ideas in which your topic exists. If the introduction invites readers to focus their view narrowly on a single issue or topic, then the conclusion invites them to broaden their view and take in the bigger picture again.

This could mean relating your essay's topic back to the subject, or it could mean connecting it to another topic that is related by subject. The satisfaction of such a conclusion comes from feeling that a single idea is balanced against others, and that the world of ideas in the essay is balanced with the world of ideas outside of it.