This too shall pass essay

This too shall pass

At one point or the other, we all reach a time period where everything can seem too overwhelming, hectic, or just in general we tend to be having a bad week.

I recently woke up to one of those mornings, and thought to myself that the day was basically bound to be awful and I should just accept it — and wait out the day until I would get a new start tomorrow. Instead of praying that my circumstances would change I reflected on what our church had been saying recently about praying to glorify God in our circumstances — not that they automatically be corrected so we are comforted, happy, and carefree.

In the mist of bad days, overwhelming assignments, future job stress, etc am I still glorifying God?

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Too often I think my circumstances dictate how I praise God or how I respond to his grace for me. Will I still seek to glorify God amidst my circumstances?

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It reminds me that even on these bad days I have God with me and his Holy Spirit to rejuvenate me with energy to glorify the lord amidst my circumstances. In short, even the worst days can be flipped to glorify God, rather then seeking to glorify and make myself happy in comfort. I love your thoughts here, it is something I need to be reminded of and am learning as well.

I think I so often go through my day concerned with what I need to do and who I am, that I often forget that it is all about God and his glory and the praising of his name. As a future teacher I can only imagine how this is playing out in your classroom right now and how hard it may be to remember that you are glorifying God through it all, and will keep you in my prayers.

I hope you do a good job!

This too shall pass

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Anyone who believes this is not possible is encouraged to write a 5,word essay on how the British government works. Some disgustingly famous jerkoffs who I refuse to name here hired private firefighters to protect their mansions. If nothing else, this dick move has helped me decide where to lead my angry mob with pitchforks when the class war gets up and running. Meanwhile, hundreds of non-millionaires who do not have private firefighters are still missing.

This is sad.

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Also very sad: According to OPB, several of my beloved Cannon Beach bunnies have been found dead, and the cause is still unknown.