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MLA Style Guide: 8th Edition: Block Quote

Then, use the correct citation style for a prose play or a verse play. To quote and cite a play in your essay using MLA format, start by referencing the author and title of the play in the main body of your essay. If your dialogue is written in verse, use forward slashes to indicate each line break. For more tips from our English co-author, including how to quote dialogue between multiple speakers in your essay, read on! This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, PhD.

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There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1. Include the author and title of the play. Before you launch into the dialogue from a character, name the author and the title of the play first. Include the author and title before the character's dialogue as a way of introducing the play to your reader.

How to Quote Shakespeare – Dr. Mark Womack

For example, if you were quoting a character from the play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Name the speaker of the quote. Whenever you quote from the play, make sure you note who said it in the play. Put the quote in quotation marks.

Citing Sources: Shakespeare and MLA

Put quotation marks around the dialogue. This will let your reader know it is a quote from a text. Put slashes between verse lines. If you are quoting a play that is written in verse, use slashes to distinguish each line break. Put a space after each slash.

Method 2. Put a blank space between the body of your paper and the first line. Separate the body of your paper and the quote with one blank line. This will let the reader know you are quoting from the play.

The blank space will act as a marker, rather than quotation marks. Indent the speaker names 1 inch 2. Write the name of the speakers in all capitals, followed by a period. No, but we must carry on as though we did. Include the stage directions. If there are stage directions in the dialogue, put them in as part of the quote.

Use parentheses to notate the stage directions. Copy the punctuation as noted in the play.

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For example: [6] RUTH. Eat your eggs, Walter. Then go to work. Method 3. Put the citation in the text using parentheses. MLA formatting requires you to use in-text citations for prose plays. Place the citation at the end of the quoted text in parentheses. If you are quoting dialogue from multiple speakers, place the citation at the end of the block quote.

Note the title of the play. Then, write the title of the play you are quoting in italics. Include the page number and the act number. Note where you found the quotation in the play. You can assist students with their homework or have a Geek help you with your academics. Take note: It applies when there is no parenthetical citation. The same rule applies to titles.

Cite MLA Style

Take note: From this example, the punctuation would have to be placed after the citation. It is important to remember these differences when writing your paper.

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This is when things become a little trickier. Setting that aside, all you have to do is to follow some basic rules. Before quoting a text from an author, you would need to follow these guidelines :. Take note: Bear in mind to place the page number after the quotation mark. In APA, quotations that are more than 40 words should be written in a separate block.

Outlined below are the formatting guidelines:.

How do I cite a source from another source?

In MLA, a short quote consists of less than four lines. Punctuation marks such as periods, commas, and colons come after the citation. Take note: Question marks and exclamation points should be placed within the quotation marks if they are part of the quote.

MLA Formatting Quotations

However, if they are part of your sentence, place them after the citation. Read your quote if it flows naturally or grammatically correct. Use brackets or ellipses if you need to. Moreover, consider using the following signal words:.

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Take note: I only listed the primary producers and directors in the in-text citation considering that there are four producers in the movie. If I will place the Ghost in the Shell movie on the References page, then I will have to list all the names of the directors and producers. I hope you learned something today.

However, following them makes your work appear more credible and professional. Smith on September 18, Charlotte G. Join now!