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Students will study Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. The speech was part of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The speech not only helped to galvanize the already growing civil-rights movement across the country at the time, it also became one of the most influential and inspirational pieces of rhetoric in American history.

This skill helped King establish a rapport with his ever-changing audience so that he could consistently communicate on a meaningful level, a skill that was demonstrated at the March. King was clearly well-versed in both American history and religious scripture, and he seamlessly weaves references to both into the fabric of his oration.

Use this NewsHour lesson to learn about the Turkish offensive into northern Syria and the chaos that has ensued for the Kurds of that region. Use this NewsHour lesson plan to take a deeper look into the first week since Speaker Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Audiences at the time either heard his speech in person or over radio or television broadcasts.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an African-American Baptist minister and prominent civil rights activist who campaigned to end segregation and racial discrimination. He gained inspiration from Howard Thurman and Mahatma Gandhi, and he drew extensively from a deep, rich cultural tradition of African-American Christian spiritualism. In one sense, the audience consisted of the , or so people who listened to Dr.

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King in person. But Dr.

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King also overtly appealed to lawmakers and citizens everywhere in America at the time of his speech. There were also millions of people who heard his speech over radio and television at the time.

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I'm having trouble trying to find his statement in the text, when I do find it, I'm suppose to rewrite it in plain language, I can do that, it is just that. A thesis statement is a summary of the position that is going to be presented in a piece of writing or, in this case, in his speech. A thesis statement gives the.

And many more millions people since have heard recordings of the speech in video, audio, or digital form. Some at the time may have sought to be inspired by Dr.

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Opponents to racial equality who heard his speech may have listened for the purpose of seeking to find ways to further argue against racial equality. Audiences since then may have used the speech to educate or to advocate for other social justice issues.

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The immediate community and conversation for the speech was the ongoing Civil Rights Movement that had gained particular momentum with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which Dr. King helped direct. But the enduring nature of Dr. Certainly, people listening to his speech for the first time today in America are experiencing a different mix of cultural attitudes toward race than as present in America in