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With StudySaurus, earning money couldn't be easier. The County of Edessa had been captured three years before by Zangi, the governor of Mosul. The news of this capture surprised Europeans and they reacted quickly to win it back.

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The two kings rushed into Jerusalem with little communication, causing their forces to suffer a devastating defeat. On the way to Jerusalem, Barbarossa died by drowning. Philip ended up retreating, and Richard signed a treaty with Saladin, who united Syria and Egypt.

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This treaty allowed for Christian pilgrims to enter Jerusalem, however, the city was still under Muslim control. He believed that Jerusalem was Christian territory and so he pushed to recover it. Recruits from the French territory gathered and were to be sent to Cairo in Egypt. They were to get there by Venetian transport.

However, the crusaders could not afford the amount the Venetians offered, 85, silver marks. In order to fulfill this sum, the Venetians asked the crusaders for their assistance in capturing Zara, a Byzantine port. The crusaders obliged and captured the port with ease.

They then began to move towards Constantinople. After ransacking and destroying the beauty of the city, the men took their profits and returned home. The Fifth Crusade to the Ninth Crusade all resulted similarly; the Christians lost and the Muslims were deemed victorious. However, there were many beneficial parts to the Crusades. The Europeans advanced in trade. Their knowledge of the outerworld expanded, sea travel became more invested upon, and their interest in new products grew. The Catholic Church also became a stronger political force. Although the Christians suffered heavily, they accomplished new feats that benefited history later on.

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The Yellow River is located in the North and the Yangzo is located in the warmer climate of the South which is ideal for rice production. Oracle bones were used for Shang rulers to obtain information from ancestral spirits and gods. The writings on the oracle bones concerns the King, his court, and religious practices. An ancient concern known as Feng Shui "wind and water". While building cities…. Part One: From Eden…. Login Join.

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Open Document. Christianity began in Palestine in the early first century A. It was originally taught only among the Jewish people.

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However shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Peter, the leader of the Church received divine instruction to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Jewish people as well. Paul, a Jewish convert and Roman citizen, was instrumental in the early spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Many citizens of the Roman Empire were ready for the message of Christianity. The concepts of living a virtuous life and the corresponding rewards to follow in the next life appealed to many throughout the Empire.

This expansion did not come without setbacks. Nearly all of the original leaders apostles of the Church paid for their devotion with their lives. Throughout the next three centuries, there were many periods of intense persecution. One example of this was the Roman sport of throwing Christians with the lions. This persecution ended in the fourth century A. Question: Who is Paul and what affect did he have in the growth of Christianity? Paul was a Jewish Pharisee in the first century A. Although Jewish born, he was also a Roman citizen, which allowed him to travel freely through the Roman Empire.

He did this for many years, converting many throughout the Empire in the process.

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He was instrumental in bringing the gospel to Jewish and non-Jewish people alike. Wherever he preached, he put in place a formal structure for the local congregations, ordaining Elders and Priests. Secondly, he would write letters, called epistles, to the local churched he had helped form.

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Explore timing and format for the AP World History Exam, and review sample general scoring criteria for the document-based and long essay questions. AP® World History. SCORING GUIDELINES. Long Essay Question 2. In the period to , scientific and technological innovations led to advances in.

By doing so, he gave them instruction in Christian principle. In time, many of these epistles were used to teach Christian doctrine and became part of the New Testament. Many of his former colleagues in the Jewish faith bitterly opposed his efforts to spread Christianity. Their opposition eventually led to his imprisonment and death at the hands of the Roman Emperor, but the church would continue to grow even after his death. Question: What effect did the Silk Road have on the world? The Silk Road was a very influential trade route.

This road was made from a network of trade… Show More.

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While the thesis writing you learned may be appropriate in other… Words - Pages 7. Essay on ap world history men had the more important job, they progressively became more important in society compared to women.